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#28 SUSB Expo 2014 URS

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#28 SUSB Expo 2014 URS

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#28 SUSB Expo 2014 URS

  1. 1. Commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems Confidentiality Notice: The information presented in this briefing is intended for the sole use of URS and should not be distributed without express permission from URS
  2. 2. 333 The Proven Benefits of Using Unmanned Aerial Systems
  3. 3. 334 •  Improved Time •  Quality •  Cost
  4. 4. 335 Standards and Orders of Survey Accuracy
  5. 5. Advantages of Using UAS High-definition photos for inspection Access to difficult or dangerous locations Timely information Near immediate data downloads anywhere in the world
  6. 6. UAS Applications for Infrastructure Inspections Emergency Response Incident evaluation and damage assessment Large area coverage Safety Immediate data acquisition and analysis Streaming information anywhere Security monitoring
  7. 7. UAS Environmental Facilities and Port Applications Thermal imaging and engineering analysis High-definition photography and video for inspections Air emission monitoring
  8. 8. UAS Applications for Large Diameter Pipeline Security 24 hour monitoring Night vision Complete site coverage Construction site monitoring
  9. 9. UAS Applications for Environmental Infrastructure Inspections Wildlife monitoring Remote tracking Vegetation and wetland mapping Habitat analysis Surveying and 3D Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  10. 10. Virtual Design Construction (VDC) 341 UAS 3D Infrastructure Applications
  11. 11. UAS Geospatial Management Web Cloud Services
  12. 12. 343 Advantages of Using UAS New Opportunities Scalability Persistence Flexibility Multi-Disciplined Cost Savings
  13. 13. URS Offers Full Life-Cycle Capabilities for UAS Operations 344 Interoperability/ Studies/Analysis Analysis of Alternatives Command & Control Communication Systems Data Systems Acquisition Support Safety Analysis Training Scientific Data Analysis & Interpretation Infrastructure Assessment Environmental Compliance Monitoring Operations Pilots Management Regulatory Maintenance
  14. 14. Kourosh Langari Civil Engineer (GISP) Vincenzo Melchiorre Structural Engineer (PE)