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  1. 1 “Review of Major Project” for E-4 2017 Submitted as part of Major Project. V.K.N.GANESH –S170613 U.GIRIJA-S170612 V.VISHALA-S170676 Under the Supervision of: Asst.Prof.Ch. Satish Kumar Department of Computer Science and Engineering Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies Srikakulam – 532402 1
  3. Introduction • Location-based advertising is a marketing strategy that targets consumers based on their geographic location. It involves using mobile devices and GPS technology to deliver ads to people in specific locations. • The goal of location-based advertising is to increase the relevance of ads and improve the chances of conversion by reaching consumers when they are most likely to make a purchase. • Location-based advertising is increasing the engagement between consumers and advertisers. By targeting consumers when they are in a specific location, advertisers can create more relevant and personalized ads that are more likely to capture their attention. • The platforms like Flip kart, Amazon and many more others are grabbing interests of customers through online shopping. 3
  4. Abstract In these days, advertisements are becoming more popular way to increase the productivity of their business. But users are not mostly interested in viewing communication tool like banners, Television advertisements, and canvas as users are mostly involving with their mobiles and users are not interested to go out and shop offline. Some advertisements are unable to reach out the customers properly and it causes lot of loss to the advertisement companies and marketers also. We developed a mobile app to help users discover nearby local deals through push notification. Location-based advertisement allows consumers to receive services and advertising based on their geographic location. It can be provided in response to a consumer’s manual input of his or her location information into the handset or by using GPS technology to track the location of the consumer automatically and provide a holistic shopping experience and working with multiple locations to serve users. Those conventional advertisement methods causes waste of time, money and effort of the advertisers so that we are implementing an android application to help the advertisers. 31 March 2023 4
  5. Motivation of Research Work • Advertisers get to know about the customers better. • Business boosts during quiet periods of time. • Cost efficient advertisement. • Its target based advertisement. 5
  6. Scope of Research Work • To improve the offline purchasing. • Purchasing at local marketing areas. 6
  7. Analysis of Existing Methods/Models/Algorithms • Geo fencing • Beacon Technology • Location-based search ads • Proximity Marketing • Location- Based Social Media Ads • Augmented Reality Advertising • Advertising using banners and televisions 7
  8. Proposed Method User Application: User needs to install the application and gives the location permissions. Once the user opens the application and starts moving from the location, the location of the user gets mapped with the locations of the stores. Whenever the user comes within the range that is fixed, he would get to notify with the notification of the activities or actions going on inside the location. The user can manually check the activities going on by just clicking on the view button which is in the home page of the application. Admin Application: We have also implemented the admin application to make the changes as required by the store managers. It is helpful to update the data and delete the past data which is not required by the store managers. 31 March 2023 Department of Biotechnology, GIT Course Code and Course Title: 8
  9. Application Screenshots 31 March 2023 9 Home Page View Items Items or Events Notification Data after clicking the notification
  10. Admin Application Screenshots 31 March 2023 Department of Biotechnology, GIT Course Code and Course Title: 10 HomePage To add and view data Data
  11. Practical Testing video 31 March 2023 Department of Biotechnology, GIT Course Code and Course Title: 11
  12. Results & Analysis • It helps both the advertisers and customers. It improves the local business and make easier for the customers to know the deals and offers in nearest local stores. • For customers, it helps in knowing the best market offers at new locations , so they can know offers and deals. • It saves the money and time of advertisers. • The company is not required to advertise about their product in every location and it saves lots of money and time to the advertisers. • Customers are not required to visit each and every store to check whether the product is available or not and the offers provided by the company. It does not effect on any of the businesses instead it improves the business. 31 March 2023 12
  13. Result & Analysis We have tested our app in different kind of mobile devices and with different kind of users so that we can enhance our application performance. In that process they have provided feedback to our application , those are : • Add user interface • Not working in android 12 • Make notification effective Based on the feedback we have modified our application , the things we have added are : • Added user interface to the user so he can check the places and data manually by clicking on view button. • Given an unique styling to notification with app logo. 31 March 2023 Department of Biotechnology, GIT Course Code and Course Title: 13
  14. Conclusion Now we implemented the location based advertising system using Android application in our college premises. We have added multiple locations and generated the notification when the student moves in the range which is fixed. Students can manually check the data or events which are going on at a particular location. We also created admin application for adding and deleting the data from firebase. In future we want to implement the application by supporting all the android versions i.e, android 12, android 13. We want to make changes in user interface for better interactions with the users. Till now it is constrained to only college premises, if it possible we would like to extend the area. 14
  15. References S.No. Author & Year Title of the Reference Paper Publisher Analysis 1 Christine Strauss 16 Jan 2016 Location-based advertising on mobile devices ( 007/s11301-015-0118-z ) State-of- the-Art This mobile advertising adds valuable opportunities for companies: it allows consumers to be addressed (i) individually, (ii) based on their current location, and (iii) dynamically in real- time; furthermore, (iv) content may be replaced quickly by remote access. 2 Roger Ström Martin Vendel John Bredican 2014 Mobile Marketing: A literature review on its value for consumers and retailers (https://www.diva- 3301/FULLTEXT01.pdf) Elsevier Ltd. This mobile marketing can increase the value for consumers and retailers. 31 March 2023 15
  16. 16 Thank You