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User Generated Content for Brands

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A UGC or User Generated Content should be included on your site. This deck describes the benefits and strategy that H2O+ uses to drive my traffic their main site

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User Generated Content for Brands

  1. 1. Leveraging Consumer-Generated Content for SEO PRESENTED BY RYAN GRIPP Manager, eCommerce H2O Plus
  2. 2. +Runs eCommerce operations for H2O Plus Worldwide +Built complex eCommerce Systems (Oracle ATG, IBM, etc.) +Founded several startups (most recently @reefbuilders) ABOUT RYAN
  3. 3. BENEFITS OF USER GENERATED CONTENT FOR SEO: Experience –Relevancy, more content/information along with better UX Search-freshness, SERP results Brand-loyalty, protects against negative reviews Business- easily create content, process improvement, reputation management
  4. 4. H2O Plus leverages Online Ratings and Reviews, Press Mentions, Social Mentions, Blog Posts and Beauty Experts to help improve SEO along with the customer experience.
  5. 5. “79% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations” 2013- Search Engine Land Study
  6. 6. UGC & SERPS Online consumers prefer to see UGC and it has a measurable impact on purchasing intent. SERPS are full of UGC since 2008.
  7. 7. H2O Plus Leverages UGC for SEO Ask for UGC at every customer touch point Users are different then you (keywords, language)
  8. 8. H2O Plus Leverages UGC besides SEO Press Product Review Clinical
  9. 9. The DATA Average of 2x increase in revenue with UGC vs non UGC Segment: UGC Interactions vs non UGC Interactions. On average customers spend 2x more than customers that did not Interact with UGC. Plus, those that created UGC spend on average 3X more.
  10. 10. UGC I love H2O Plus Eh It’s too expensive Great Stuff! My wrinkles vanished! Connections
  11. 11. Content Strategy Matrix Persuasive On-site content Merchandising Content Marketing content User-generated content Structured Unstructured Product Content Service content Informational content Instructional Content Transactional Copyright Forrester Research
  12. 12. WHAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW Build the integrations to support UGC Have your customers do SEO for you UGC at every customer touch point UGC influences purchase intent
  13. 13. THANKS! Twitter: @ryangripp Linkedin: Ryan Gripp rgripp@h2oplus.com