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  1. 1. Comments on the Internet BRAND IMAGE 2) DreamWorks has1) No other animation made some pretty goodstudio can top Pixar movies but most of their(except classic Disney). movies lack the emotional depth that you see in every Pixar movie
  2. 2. THE AUDIENCE Age 12-30 Both Genders Young With Ambition
  3. 3. CAMPAIGN GOALSTo alter people’s perceptionTo generate buzz about our brandFor people to be excited about our films
  4. 4. THE MAGICAL IDEACreate 10 videos for the films. 9 specialized videos and 1 trailer.Each Video can be unlocked only when required amount of views have been received for each video
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGYUtilize:• Facebook• Twitter• YouTube• Reddit
  6. 6. MOBILE STRATEGYOn the iPad and mobile platforms release:•Games Apps• Video Apps•Soundtrack
  7. 7. BUDGET• Social Budget  $2,000/mo• Video Production  $12,000• Mobile  $300-$1,000/mo• SEO  $2,700/mo• Total  $100,000-$130,000
  8. 8. RESPONSE STRATEGY Make Negative Comments know and ask for feedback from the market on their opinions of the comments. Make Positive Comments know and praise people for their kind words.
  9. 9. MEASURING SUCCESS1. Did all Videos get released? 2. What’s the overall feel about our product 3. How engaged are people about the film?