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Andrew goodwin

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Andrew goodwin

  1. 1. Andrew Goodwin- Conventions of a music video
  2. 2. Key features that distinguish music as a form • Relationship between visuals amplifying, illustrating or contradicting the lyrics • Relationship between the music and visuals • Music genres have their own music video style and iconography • There is likely to be voyeurism,particuarly in the treatment of women • There’s a demand on the part of the record company for lots of close ups of the artist • Likely inter textual references, either to other music videos or to films and texts
  3. 3. LINKS BETWEEN VISUALS This is where the lyrics of the song match the visuals shown on screen. For example. Taylor Swift- Bad Blood the lyrics say “now we got bad blood” the visuals support this as it shows the two girls fighting over something they are taking there anger out on each other. Shown through a medium close up B The lyrics say “now we got problems and I don think we can solve them. The fire could symbolise the rage of the girls and how a boy makes them stick together
  4. 4. LINKS BETWEEN MUSIC AND VISUALS • This is where the sounds that we can hear, we can also see being played on the screen. We hear a breaking sound and the sound of fighting, this supports the visuals as it shows two people having a physical argument. Also the tense music supports the visuals The video includes rapping, whenever we hear rapping we can see the rapper himself
  5. 5. MUSIC GENRES • These are the characteristics that Goodwin identifies to make up a music videos genre, such as mise en scene, props. For example a rose can represent romance. In the music video – Mean by Taylor Swift The medium shot shows a goat and hay implying country setting due to it looking like a farm. The mise en scene of the setting are genre characteristics close up of the banjo clearly emphasise’s a country genre The long shot shows the scenery of the country and the mise en scene of the costumes to emphasise country genre
  6. 6. VVOYEURISM IN THE TREATMENT OF WOMEN Voyeurism is the sexual interest in people engaged in intimate behaviour, such undressing, male gaze. The camera is panning her body where she is completely undressed, making her seem as an object The camera starts from the bottom of her body and works its way up to the top, this is the male gaze, it is objectifying her as a woman as we see her body before her face
  7. 7. RECORD COMPANY DEMANDS • The record label has demands according to Andrew Goodwin where there is a lot of close ups of the stars in order too sell the video and support their star image.
  8. 8. EEXAMPLE OF INTERTEXTUAL REFERENCES • BA The bad blood music video has intertextual reference to James Bond films at the beginning Black leather plus fighting is similar to james bond