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Virtual Event Results, Update 1: Easier Reporting

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Now it's easier than ever for participants to submit their virtual event results - from their profile, through participant management, and from your results page. Get caught up!

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Virtual Event Results, Update 1: Easier Reporting

  1. 1. Virtual Event Results, Update 1: Easier Reporting
  2. 2. Hello! I am Matt Avery I hope you are ready to learn about virtual races and how to set them up in RunSignup! 2
  3. 3. Today’s Topic: Updates to Virtual Results Submission Additional Resources to Review: ▷ Transition to a Virtual Race Webinar & How-To’s: Covers basics of virtual races, postponement tool overview, and participant management options ▷ Virtual Result Webinar: Zooms in on the setup of virtual results ▷ Postponement Tool Webinar & How-To’s: The ins and outs of using the postponement tool ▷ RaceJoy for Virtual: Using RaceJoy for a more interactive virtual race 3 All additional resources will be emailed in follow-up, and can be found at runsignup.com/coronavirus
  4. 4. Enhanced Virtual Results 4 ❖ To allow participants to submit their results, you need to enable Enhanced Virtual Results at RaceDay >> Enhanced Virtual Race >> Setup Virtual Race ❖ Dashboard improvements in Phase 2 ○ Make sure bib assignment is turned on
  5. 5. Results Submission via User Profile 5 ❖ Participant can go to their profile by clicking on the icon at the top right of RunSignup and choosing “Profile” ❖ Under upcoming events, they can find your event ❖ If Enhanced Virtual Event has been enabled, there will be a “Submit Virtual Results Link”
  6. 6. Results Submission via Manage Registration 6 ❖ If the participant chooses “Manage Registration” on the previous screen instead of “Post Results”, they will also find a “Submit Virtual Results” Button on the Manage Registration Screen
  7. 7. Results Submission via Results Page 7 ❖ Participants who navigate to “Results” on your race page will also see the “Submit Virtual Results” button and can navigate to the submission screen from there.
  8. 8. Results Submission Screen 8 ❖ Regardless of how they get to the submission screen, this is what participants will see to submit their results
  9. 9. Virtual Results 9 ❖ Results for a virtual run will appear automatically from the results submissions
  10. 10. Communication: Let Participants Know! 10 Make sure your participants know how to submit: ▷ Email Marketing: send an email from Email Marketing >> Send Emails with instructions for results submission ▷ Update your website: use a block on your cover page or add a custom section with specific information for submitting results ▷ Use the postponement tool: add instructions for results submission to the description you put on your postponement tool
  11. 11. Thanks! Any questions? 11