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Find your best Christmas gift with Runka.com

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Buy best recycled gifts and avail special offers on green gifts with the aid of one of the prominent eco friendly gifts retail store called Runka.com

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Find your best Christmas gift with Runka.com

  1. 1. Find Your BestChristmas Gift with Runka.com
  2. 2. IntroductionSelecting products for the Gift Category is always tough. Runka is constantly looking for children choice gifts whom they will love very much, that is the reason Runka feels that almost all of his findings make great gifts. But because so many of the items he finds are practical and useful we feel that they have to be listed in other places. So, while we think we have products properly categorized, be sure to browse around all over the site. These all gifts are stylish and great style to choose from ………..Runka
  3. 3. CandlesCandles are such a greatgift idea. After all, whodoesn’t enjoy the softlight and sweetfragrance of a nicescented candles. Runkahas found a fewcompanies that offer awide variety ofsizes, shapes and scentsthat we are sure youwill enjoy. Best of allthese candles are allmade with true concernfor our environment.
  4. 4. ClocksHere are some really cool clocks that make great gifts for just about anyone. Made from recycled materials and other earth friendly means, the craftsmanship is second to none.
  5. 5. StationaryRunka has found several great stationary makers that have created wonderful products that are good for the planet. Some are unique handmade designs created by artisans. From the luxurious to the simple, youll find it all here.
  6. 6. Lotions & Soaps Runka have Lotions & Soaps enriched with Shea, Jojoba & Coco Nut to soften, moisturize and protect the skin. What a relief for dry, cracked lips!
  7. 7. JewelryEach beautiful fine artand Jewelry image ishand painted by theartist using customblended oils and tintswith the finest of sablebrushed on all naturalmother of pearl shell.
  8. 8. Salt LampsRunka’s collection of crystalsalt Lamp is hundreds ofmillions of years old and, as aresult, has special propertiesand high mineral content Heatfrom the bulb (in our lamps) orflame (in our candle holders)causes the salt to emit negativeions These negative ions bondwith the pollutants in the air(positive ions) and neutralizethem.
  9. 9. Unique ItemsRunka has someunique items fromResource Revival,practical, cuttingedge products madefrom used bicycleparts.
  10. 10. Contact DetailsFor more details visithttp://www.runka.comOr Call us at (877) 24RUNKAMail to us atinfo@runka.com