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shift 2020 - How 3D Printing Will Impact Our Future

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Slides from my presentation at 3D Printshow in London on September 5, 2014 #shift2020 #3dprint #3dprintshow

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shift 2020 - How 3D Printing Will Impact Our Future

  1. #shift2020 @mtrends HOW 3D PRINTING WILL IMPACT OUR FUTURE shift2020.com
  2. Contributors Carlos Domingo Redg Snodgrass Raina Kumra David Risher Chris Luomanen Martin Recke Paul Berney Tariq Krim Timothy Kotin Sunny Bates Kelly Goto David Rowan Jessica Colaco Yuri Van Geest Priya Prakash Michael J. O’Farrell Saul Klein Tomi Ahonen Ajit Jaokar Christian Lindholm Andrew Hessel Aubrey de Grey Russ McGuire Andrew Berglund Georgie Benardete Douglas Rushkoff Shannon Spanhake Ken Banks David Wood Ariane Van de Ven Blaise Aguera y Arcas Mike North Simon White Kate Darling Robert Rice Russell Buckley Gerd Leonhard Tricia Wang Neelie Kroes Salim Ismail Robin Wauters Inmaculada Martinez Will Page Raj Singh Ed Maklouf Nicolas Nova Louisa Heinrich Erik Hersman C. Enrique Ortiz Andy Abramson Raimo van der Klein Laurent Haug Eze Vidra Gianfranco Chicco Harald Neidhardt Fabien Girardin Mark A.M. Kramer Tony Fish Delia Dumitrescu Alan Moore Aape Pohjavirta Hans-Holger Albrecht Daniel Appelquist Kosta Peric Glen Hiemstra Scott Jenson Jonathan MacDonald Dr. Peter Cochrane Andrew Bud Martin Duval Dr. James Canton Sena Gbeckor-Kove Maarten Lens-FitzGerald Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
  3. GROWING ECOSYSTEM - a global network of (shared) 3D printers ! - more hardware DIY clubs popping up everywhere ! - acces to free modeling & design software ! - entrepreneurs fueled by crowd funding ! - business moves into the “age of the customer”
  4. Condé Nast Invests in e/m-Commerce
  5. Gianfranco Chicco - Taiken Lab “Additive technology like 3D printing and subtractive ones like laser cutting and CNC milling allow you to create an object from scratch, but once it’s done, it’s shape, colour or functions are locked. Instead, sensor technology, e-textiles, nano-materials and hyper connectivity will allow you to change the shape, colour and function of everyday objects. ! Two industries that will fully grasp this opportunity are the fashion and toy industries, reaching a broader consumer base. Toy-makers like are already selling products that can be re-assembled, programmed or that unite different mediums (e.g. a storytelling app that changes the lights in the room based on the content the child is reading) but by 2020 they will become more common and accessible due to the drastic reduction in their cost.” #shift2020 quote
  6. WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW? - nearly anything can be 3D printed ! - more materials become available to create ! - new marketplaces to share, buy & sell designs ! - 3D print Service Shops ! - Gartner’s 3D Hype Cycle for 3D Printing
  7. Source: Gartner
  8. Mike North, Phd - UC Berkeley “3D Printing will fundamentally change how we design. Since the beginning of manufacturing, we have been constrained in how can create items. 3D Printing is offers unprecedented freedom in what we can create. This will remove a massive constraint in how we design and what we create. Education will be all about creativity. The way we are taught will adapt to the student, enhancing their inherent abilities. The world is moving towards specialisation, while education has been trying to assembly line workers. Machines will take these jobs and humans will need to focus on our differentiating feature, creativity.” #shift2020 quote
  9. INTERESTING 3D PRINTING AREA’S Robotics ! Architecture ! Fashion ! Automotive ! ! Entertainment ! Art ! Food ! Health
  10. Robotics
  11. Meka Robotics
  12. Inmoov the 1st Open Source 3D printed life-size robot
  13. Jimmy the 3-D printed robot
  14. #shift2020 Raina Kumra - Juggernaut “The Maker movement and 3D printing and the sheer volume of campaigning about learning to code is going to unlock an unprecedented amount of creativity from the people for whom this level of ‘creativity’ was out of reach. I think we’ll see daily innovations and life hacks - new fixes and improvements for daily tasks - in our cities, in our homes and in our schools. ! I also see approved confidence in the general population about their creative skills, since they will be able to practice and deploy things they learned in a manufacturer quality way. The maker movement resonates not just with the creative class, but with people who would never consider themselves to be traditionally “creative” - opening up a whole population of pragmatists who can now make extremely useful ‘artwork’ by learning the basics of code, design and desktop milling.” quote
  15. Architecture & Design
  16. WinSun Decoration Design Engineering
  17. D-Shape
  18. Emerging Objects
  19. Studio Eric Klarenbeeck
  20. Fashion
  21. Joshua Harker
  22. Iris van Herpen
  23. Iris van Herpen
  24. Bradley Rothenberg for Victoria’s Secret
  25. Iris van Herpen & Rem Koolhaas
  26. "Nu" bracelets by Invisible Light Network
  27. Nervous System
  28. Sylvia Weidenbach
  29. Nike Vapor HyperAgility Cleat
  30. STRATASYS Multi-Material, Full Color Parts
  31. Grace Choi’s Mink (3D Printer for Make-Up)
  32. #shift2020 Robin Wauters - tech.eu “I’m fascinated by the consumerisation and the rapidly advancing possibilities of 3D printing, and the impact it will inevitably have on societies worldwide. 3D printing isn’t anything new per se: companies like Belgium’s Materialise have been pioneers in the realm of ‘additive manufacturing’ (as 3D printing was called before it became a trend) for almost 25 years now. But the current hype around helps bring more opportunities to light, with new materials and use cases popping up almost constantly. The rise of 3D printing will be a significant driver for change and growth in both developed and emerging economies in the next five years.” quote
  33. Automotive
  34. Erik Melldahl
  35. Entertainment
  36. Art
  37. #shift2020 David Rowan - Wired “The democratisation of manufacturing will empower anyone with a compelling idea to prototype, make and launch a physical product at speed and low cost. This will not simply be through new manufacturing technologies such as additive 3D printing, but because of a wider opening-up of manufacturing supply chains that connect those with credible product ideas, wherever they are, with low-volume and inexpensive manufacturing capacity both locally and in the mega-factories of Shenzhen. What bloggers did to mass media will have its parallel in what amateurs will do to the Sonys and Toyotas of the world.” quote
  38. Food
  39. Yuri Van Geest - Singularity University “3D printing will impact all sectors and will be complemented by 4D printing and the advent of nano factories in 2030. 3D printers will merge with DNA printers, classic printers and neuro printers in the next decade. We move into a world of instant manifestation of any idea using atoms, genes, bits and long-term neurons. A world of imagination and creativity in which art and culture will be revitalized, just like in the Renaissance 500 years ago. A new age of technological convergence and discovery (Singularity), now and then.” #shift2020 quote
  40. Health
  41. #shift2020 Andrew Hessel - Autodesk “With genomics, proteomics, and other bio-data technologies advancing at up to 5X Moore’s law, we’re unlocking the secrets of cellular life and self-assembling systems at an extraordinary rate. Stem cells can be differentiated into every possible type and 3D printed to make tissues and organs. Inexpensive, fast DNA sequencing and cloud computing is allowing millions of genomes to be read and analyzed.” quote
  42. THE FUTURE? - better, more diverse materials coming to market ! - increased printing speed, reduced cost ! - 3D Printing in Education ! - Big guys coming in: Apple, Google, Amazon 3D printers ! - 3D Printed living organisms with negative carbon footprint ! - 3D Printed cells & organs ! - 4D printing: molecular self-assembly printed materials
  43. Thank You! about.me/rudydewaele Contact: rudy@shift2020.com if you’d like to receive more detailed information on 3D Printing in your sector.