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Disaster management and mitigation

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Its a research for a design project regarding flood

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Disaster management and mitigation

  1. 1. Disaster management and mitigation FLOOD
  2. 2. FLOOD An overflow of a large amount of water beyond its normal limits, especially over what is normally dry land.
  3. 3. Principle causes and Types  Areal  Riverine  Estuarine and coastal  Urban flooding  Catastrophic
  4. 4. Areal Happens mostly in plain areas when water because of rainfall or snowmelt is more rapidly than its can absorb or run off.
  5. 5. Riverine Due to slow or rapid rise of river water levels due to prolong or heavy rainfall.
  6. 6. Caused by tidal surges due to winds and also by tropical cyclone or an extra-tropical cyclone Estuarine and Coastal
  7. 7. Urban Flooding Occurs in densely populated areas where water due to rain exceeds the capacity of drainage systems.
  8. 8. Catastrophic Catastrophic flooding is usually associated with major infrastructure failures such as the collapse of a dam, which are sometimes caused by either earthquakes and volcanic eruption
  9. 9. Effects: Primary Damage to buildings and other structures, including bridges, sewerage systems, roadways, and canals
  10. 10. Effects: Primary Mobility Issues in terms of people and goods
  11. 11. Effects: Secondary long term effect: Lack of food and clean drinking waters
  12. 12. Effects: Secondary long term effect: Rapid spreading of water borne diseases and illness
  13. 13. Effects: Secondary long term effect: Loss of crop and cattle
  14. 14. Effects: Secondary long term effect: Waste and garbage disposal issues
  15. 15. Number of FLOOD events from 1950 to 2000 Source: Millennium ecosystem assessment
  16. 16. Effects
  17. 17. Response
  18. 18. Response
  19. 19. Effects After health effects of floods
  20. 20. Relief, Control and Mitigation FLOOD
  21. 21. Relief, Control and MitigationRelief, Control and Mitigation FLOOD
  22. 22. Relief, Control and Mitigation FLOOD
  23. 23. Equipment existing and concepts Flood
  24. 24. Equipment existing and concepts Flood
  25. 25. Equipment existing and concepts Flood