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BCT studio II session 1

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Creative Technologies Studio II -day 1

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BCT studio II session 1

  1. 1. Bachelor of Creative Technologies Studio II Dr. Pete Rive prive@aut.ac.nz Dr. Ricardo Sosa rsosa@aut.ac.nz Dr. Sangeeta Karmokar skarmoka@aut.ac.nz CTEC503 :: 2016 #ctec503
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  3. 3. #ctec503
  4. 4. Recap of Studio I • Group discussion (n2) about Semester I: • Key learning points, take-aways from Studio I • What you learned: process, outcomes, reflections, applications • How you learned: challenges, achievement and failure, sources, time, ownership • Stuff you didn’t know that you didn’t know • Role of blogging, collaboration, rework, constraints, peers • Open Day Studio I: diversity of strengths in group: conceptual, execution, development, interaction, resourcefulness • Studio pedagogy, time management, assessments, BCT ethos
  5. 5. Block I Block IIBlock III Final project Stage 1 Stage 2Stage 3 Stage … Stage 1 Stage 2Stage 3 Stage … Stage 1 Stage 2Stage 3 Stage … Studio I Studio II Block I Block IIBlock III Final project Final project
  6. 6. 2076: The Internet of Future Things • An iterative ‘dive’ into design processes • Learning: Informed, critical, creative practice • Expectation: 100% effort, diverse outcomes • Project brief: Design an informed, meaningful, and speculative artefact (product or service) with the theme “Internet of Future Things” to address, and help to avert some of the social, economic, political and environmental issues in 2076 #ctec503
  7. 7. CTEC503: Block I Pete prive@aut.ac.nz #ctec503
  8. 8. Block I: Required readings • Burdick, A. (2015). Meta!Meta!Meta! A Speculative Design Brief for the Digital Humanities. Visible Language, 49(3), 13-33. • Dator, J. A., Sweeney, J. A., & Yee, A. M. (2015). Alternative Futures at the Mānoa School. In Mutative Media (pp. 133-151). Springer International Publishing. • Newitz, A. (2016, June 9). Movie written by algorithm turns out to be hilarious and intense. Retrieved July 16, 2016, from http://arstechnica.com/the- multiverse/2016/06/an-ai-wrote-this-movie-and-its-strangely-moving/