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VirtueMart 3 case study

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A tour of a thriving VM3 site in all its shiny new Bootstrap 3 finery, as well as a look at the added features and functions that make it sizzle. This talk was delivered to the Melbourne Joomla! User Group on 19 April 2017.

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VirtueMart 3 case study

  1. 1. VirtueMart 3 Case Study Russell Searle Psicom Melbourne Joomla! User Group 27 March 2013 Melbourne Joomla! User Group 19 April 2017
  2. 2. Agenda • GCG Turbochargers business • VirtueMart 3.2.1 • VirtuePlanet Merchant template • Cherry Picker for Custom Fields • ChronoForms apps • Turbopedia: RSTickets! Pro
  3. 3. GCG Turbochargers https://gcg.com.au/
  4. 4. GCG Turbochargers business • GCG Turbochargers sells and services automotive performance equipment and accessories • Based in Sydney, office in Tokyo • 3000+ products in online shop • 250o+ customer accounts
  5. 5. GCG Turbochargers product range Product Category Petrol Diesel OEM etc … Vehicle Make Audi BMW Caterpillar etc … Product Attributes Type Options Sizes etc … • Product category tree is complex and extensive • Vehicle Make and Product Attributes implemented as custom fields • Custom fields selected and applied by value picker modules
  6. 6. VirtueMart 3.2.1 http://virtuemart.net/
  7. 7. VirtueMart 3.2.1 • Major rewrite from VM 2.x • Much more reliable, new features, better performance • Now shipped as a package • 2 admin components • 7 modules • 5+ plugins • Joomla! update handles all assets individually
  8. 8. VirtuePlanet Merchant template https://www.virtueplanet.com/
  9. 9. VirtuePlanet Merchant template • Complete package, total site styling • Template + framework package • 6 modules • Combine with VP One Page Checkout plugin • Extends Joomla! system • Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome typography extensions • Mega Menu, Off Canvas, icon, badge menu extensions • Module display, icon and badge extensions (Joomla! core module manager, turn off Regular Labs Advanced Module Manager) • Adds smart CSS / HTML / JS / CDN optimisation
  10. 10. VirtuePlanet Merchant template • Extends VirtueMart • Adds pop-over login and mini-cart boxes • Adds Wishlist and Product Comparison (with Add to Cart) • Adds customisable product tags • Customise product listing, product grid, product detail pages • Modify custom field options displays • Integrates with Break Designs VM extensions • Adds cookie consent
  11. 11. VP Merchant module positions • Module positions standard for online shop • Positions also sufficient for one page site design • Choose various column layouts with full BS3 support
  12. 12. Cherry Picker for Custom Fields http://www.galt.md/
  13. 13. Cherry Picker for Custom Fields • Produces product filter modules • Applies to currently selected category grid / list • Very flexible and customisable, very fast • Wide range of display / content options and filter styles • Range of select and apply options • Option for dynamic AJAX update of current lists • Optionally select only products in stock • GCG uses this module extensively and creatively to filter all sorts of product attributes
  14. 14. ChronoForms apps https://www.chronoengine.com/
  15. 15. ChronoForms apps • GCG has two of my ‘standard CF applications’ • Warranty Claim app • Contact form app
  16. 16. Standard ChronoForms apps • CF entry form with validation, spam block, database save, mail notification, PDF attachments etc • CC view with search, column sort, view and update links • CF update form(s) with ‘Office Use Only’ tab for workflow / status update, mail notification etc • CF review form with ‘Office Use Only’ tab for workflow / status review, export options etc • Secured via custom user groups / viewing access levels
  17. 17. Turbopedia: RSTickets! Pro https://www.rsjoomla.com/
  18. 18. Turbopedia: RSTickets! Pro • Customer service case function • Allows customers to post sales / tech inquiries • Inquiries directed to teams • Staff members volunteer or can be assigned • Staff member progresses case to closure • Case may become KB article • Q&A Knowledgebase function • Staff member can promote case to KB article, or case can be automatically promoted by rules • Customers can read authorised articles as Q&A or FAQ
  19. 19. Links GCG Turbochargers https://gcg.com.au/ VirtueMart http://virtuemart.net/ VirtuePlanet Merchant template https://www.virtueplanet.com/ Cherry Picker for Custom Fields http://www.galt.md/ ChronoForms product range https://www.chronoengine.com/ RSTickets! Pro https://www.rsjoomla.com/