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Integrating a Moodle Course into Facebook

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Integrating a Moodle Course into Facebook

  1. Canadian Moodle Moot 2013 Vancouver, February 12 – 15, 2013Integrating a Moodle Course into Facebook Rafael Scapin, Ph.D. Coordinator of Educational Technology & Moodle Evangelist Dawson College – Montréal (QC)
  2. Dawson College (Montréal) Source: Bing Maps
  3. Dawson College (Montréal) Source: Bing Maps
  4. Introduction Pauline Fresco, an Illustration and Design teacher at Dawson College started a pilot by integrating Facebook into one of her Moodle courses. (Winter 2012)
  5. IntroductionPresentation Drawing (Winter 2012) 22 Students (3rd year)
  6. Students don’t hangout in Moodle Source: http://www.yorku.ca/abel/webinar
  7. Source: http://school.moodlemoot.com.au/
  8. But they hangout in Facebook!Source: http://blog.statuspeople.com/Posts/Article/V/Infographic_Facebook_Smashes_1_Billion_Users/52
  9. Students hangoutin Facebook!
  10. The Facebook deactivation agreement: dad topay daughter $200 to quit site for 5 months Source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/social-media/dad-pays-daughter-200-to-quit-facebook/
  11. Introduction
  12. Introduction
  13. IntroductionCourse Content (Files) Professional FB AccountForums Answer Questions (text,Assignments video)Quizzes Promote DiscussionReminders Statistics
  14. Survey: SexFemale: 14 ..... 64%Male: 08 ......36%
  15. Survey: Age 64%Age 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 27# (%) 5 5 4 2 2 1 2 1 (23%) (23%) (18%) (9%) (9%) (4.5%) (9%) (4.5%)
  16. Survey: Do You Use Facebook? Survey: Most Facebook users have taken extended break Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2013/02/05/faceboo k-vacation-pew-survey/1893103/ YES: 18 ..... 82% NO: 04 ......18%
  17. Survey: If YES, Since When? 55%
  18. Survey: How Often do You Access FB? 72%
  19. Survey59%
  20. Survey
  21. Survey
  22. Survey
  23. Survey
  24. Survey
  25. Survey
  26. Survey
  27. Survey Yes: 14 ..... 64% No: 08 ......36%
  28. Feedback: How Facebook could be better used in Education Be more aware of what’s going on and if ever you miss a class it’s easy to catch up One issue is that Facebook could cause distraction when one wishes to concentrate on work. The privacy is important, school or work should be separated from personal life. I feel as though Facebook can really become an important educational tool, with many advantages. I feel its like bringing school into the afterschool and Im not excited with that.
  29. Feedback: How Facebook could be better used in Education They should create a teachers equivalent of Facebook, like a Teacherbook so teachers can share stuff and itll mainly be oriented towards teaching. If teachers want more attentions and make her or his class interesting and wants to make students focus in class, they should create a Facebook Group and post things on there. I dont agree with the fact of having my teacher in my facebook friends. My use of facebook its to share with my friends only.
  30. Feedback: How Facebook could be better used in Education I dont mind of having a Facebook group of students on Facebook. But having a teacher on my Facebook, it still needs work to convince me. The vast majority of students use Facebook primarily as a social outlet rather then a professional tool. Facebook is a social network, not a tool of education. The only thing I dont agree with is the use of Facebook itself as the tool for a class room forum.
  31. Did you like the experience of having a Facebook Group for this class?Yes, because when the teacher posts something i wouldget it on my phone.It creates another safety net just in case we forgetsomething. Great for reminders.It keeps the students up to date more easilyHelped if you missed out on an assignment or didnt writedown the instructions immediately. Also helpful for smallquestions and suggestions instead of having the teacherreview come in a year later.
  32. Did you like the experience of having a Facebook Group for this class?I like having the program group but that does not includeteachers and its fine like that. I think that class should be inclass. I find it way too invasive to receive my assignmentsthrough Facebook.Not really. Having to rely on social media was a turn off.When I go to school, I expect to be told the assignments andhave hand outs - it helps keep me organized and in control.Emails are fine, messaging is fine, but when I feel Ive fallenbehind because everything is one Facebook or Moodle andwe have no hand outs, thats when I start to feel veryfrustrated.
  33. Academic ConnectSource: http://www.thelaf.com/news/when-moodle-met-facebook-1.2966447
  34. Source: http://academicconnect.net/home
  35. Questions
  36. Contact Me Rafael Scapin, Ph.D. rscapin@dawsoncollege.qc.ca @rscapin slideshare.net/rscapin DawsonITE Bloghttp://dawsonite.dawsoncollege.qc.ca
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