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Barney and google

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AN overview of Darren Barmey's Hart House lecture about technology and democracy - One Nation Under Google

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Barney and google

  1. 1. + One Nation Under Google Daren Barney Summary by R Redekopp
  2. 2. + The claim is that every new device is revolutionary What is the revolution of technology?
  3. 3. +The Device is not the revolutionWe should also be careful not to allow theexcesses of this style of rhetoric tobecome an excuse for failing to takeseriously the very real consequences thataccompany technological devices,systems and practices.
  4. 4. +TechniqueOne of the things at stake for those ofus who inhabit the world oftechnology is citizenship.
  5. 5. +CitizenshipCitizenship, like science andtechnology, is a way of knowing andacting, a way of being in the world, apractice
  6. 6. +CitizenshipThe practice of citizenship is, at itscore, the practice of political judgment.To be a citizen is to bear the rights andobligations attached to membership in agiven political community
  7. 7. +CitizenshipA social order that systematically exemptsfrom political judgment the ethicalcommitments that comprise its own accountof the good life cannot do justice tocitizenship: it requires a setting in whichboth moral and ethical questions are opento the possibility of judgment.
  8. 8. +Technology and CitizenshipWe are culturally pre- disposed towardsthinking that any technology that increasesaccess to information and facilitates newand extensive ways for people tocommunicate with each other must be goodfor democracy.
  9. 9. +Technology and CitizenshipHowever, the combination of expandingaccess to information and proliferatingmeans of communication has never beenenough to produce engaged citizenship ona broad scale.
  10. 10. +Technology and CitizenshipFor the most part, these technologies havebeen means of anything but citizenship:spectacular entertainment; docilerecreation; habituation to the rhythms ofcapitalist production and consumption;cultural normalization.
  11. 11. +Technology and CitizenshipThe Internet also surpasses its predecessors asan integrated medium of enrolment in thedepoliticized economy and culture of consumercapitalism. This is why we should be wary ofequating more and better access to informationand communication technology with enhancedcitizenship.
  12. 12. +Technology and CitizenshipOne of these other aspects is the status oftechnology as an object of politicaljudgment.
  13. 13. +Technology and CitizenshipBecause technological devices and systemshave such dramatic consequences for humansocial, economic and cultural relationships andpractices, their development, design andregulation should be subject to the politicaljudgment of citizens.
  14. 14. +Technology and CitizenshipTechnologies are not just neutral instrumentsor means. They are, rather, intimately boundup in the establishment and enforcement ofprohibitions and permissions, the distributionof power and resources, and the structure ofhuman practices and relationships.
  15. 15. +Technology and CitizenshipIn our society, one of the things that reallymatters is technology.
  16. 16. +Technology and CitizenshipIn a resolutely technological society,citizenship is basically a risk to bemanaged.
  17. 17. +Technology and CitizenshipOurs is a society in which technology isculturally identified with material prosperityand moral progress
  18. 18. +Technology and CitizenshipTaken together, technology and liberalismcast a sort of spell under which the space ofpolitical judgment shrinks from view, or atleast that portion of it in which ethical claimsabout the substance of the good life mightbe critically engaged.
  19. 19. +Technology and CitizenshipTaken together, technology and liberalismcast a sort of spell under which the space ofpolitical judgment shrinks from view, or atleast that portion of it in which ethical claimsabout the substance of the good life mightbe critically engaged.
  20. 20. +Technology and Fundamentalismthe ideology of technological nationalismreflects, rather than creates, a broadly-shared commitment to the good oftechnology.Nobody needs to tell us thattechnology is the good life, because that issomething most of us already believe.
  21. 21. +Technology and FundamentalismStill, you either believe in citizenship or youdon’t. To practice politics is to join withothers, and to judge with courage in theface of opposition and uncertainty. Thealternatives are the fundamentalism oftechnology, or the fundamentalism of itsopponents.
  22. 22. +Technology and Fundamentalisman ethical system in which an ethicalprejudice can be used to confirm an intuitionabout which side to take in a specific ethicalcontroversy, insulating the whole question ofwhat is good from genuinely politicaldeliberation and judgment …is the verydefinition of fundamentalism.
  23. 23. +Technology and FundamentalismIn my view, the only anti-fundamentalistalternative is to assume the risk of openingquestions about what is just and what isgood in technological society to the politicaljudgment of citizens.