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FHI Heat ® Media Report MTV Video Music Awards 2012

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Media Report USA
September 2012
by Jaime Christine Perez
Vice President of Marketing
Royal Beauty Lines

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FHI Heat ® Media Report MTV Video Music Awards 2012

  1. 1. ! FHI Heat Media Report MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS 2012
  2. 2. !FHI HEAT went backstage at the MTVVideo Music Awards 2012.
  3. 3. What stirred up headlines for FHI Heat was thefamous “Jersey Shore’s” Vinny Guadagninoexcited to receive the FHI Heat dryer that he toldthe tabloids he uses. Reigning DWTS Champ Peta Murgatroyd was also thrilled to find FHI Heat thermal tools backstage. Good thing she stocked up--shell need to look HAWT for the upcoming ! season of DWTS All-Stars!
  4. 4. ! MTV’S Official Presentation of the Video Music Awards Gift bag with FHI Heat dead smack in the middle ! http://newsroom.mtv.com/2012/09/04/2012- vma- celebrity-gift-bag/
  5. 5. In Touch Weekly had a contest to win theofficial MTV gift bag with FHI Heat Products ! http://winit.intouchweekly.com/drawings/win-an- official-2012-mtv- video-music-awards-celebrity-gift- bag-39.
  6. 6. ! !Even Business Insider was reporting on theswag MTV was giving out at the VMA’s if youscroll down they include an image of our ironas well as a link to the FHI HEAT websitehttp://www.businessinsider.com/2012-mtv- video-music-gift-bags-2012-9?op=1
  7. 7. Estetica reported! about FHI HEAT’S Exclusivity in participating in the ONLY Official Celebrity Retreat at the MTV Video Music Awards backstage at the Staples Center http://www.esteticamagazine.com/eventsnews/item/707- fhiheat-mtv-vma
  8. 8. Celeb Buzz showed FHI Heat some love including an article http://www.celebuzz.com/ ! 2012-09-07/win-a-2012-mtv- , video-music-awards-gift-bag- And showed us giveaway-alert/ some FB love and also tweeted about the famous MTV VMA bag that included this picture of Vinnie supporting FHI !https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?Heatfbid=10151111251133046&set=a.424983913045.195840.15091748045&type=1&theater
  9. 9. ! Even the Insider did a contest that featured FHI Heat in the MTV swag And this was the official link that had a picture of the bag https:// www.facebook.com/theinsider? sk=app_2Unfortunately, the contest is over it won’t let us seethe image anymore. However, the first link namesthe contents, which includes FHI Heat. http://www.theinsider.com/gossip/ 55227_A_Chance_to_Win_an_MTV_VMA_Gift_Bag/index.html
  10. 10. Even Yahoo TV was on board and ran an article ! from the Insider, which held a contest for the official VMA Gift bag http://tv.yahoo.com/news/chance-win-mtv-vma-gift-bag-221100236.html Because the contest is over you can no longer see the image of the gift bag.! AOL MUSIC showed a picture of the gift bag featuring FHI Heat as well as the article listing the products. http://blog.music.aol.com/2012/09/07/m tv-vmas-gift-bag-giveaway/ What’s great about all of these contest giveaways is that people want to know what’s in the gift bag so they actually take the time to find out what’s being gifted.
  11. 11. !! Seen on STAR Magazine (on stands now) tells readers of Jersey Shores Vinny Guadagnino confessing he uses an FHI HEAT dryer
  12. 12. ! OK Magazine (on stands now). OK tells readers of Jersey Shores Vinny Guadagnino confessing he uses an FHI HEAT dryer.
  13. 13. "ABOUT LAST NIGHT" starring VMA Host KevinHart, Michael Ealy, Adam Rodriguez, Regina Halland Joy Bryant expected release date 2013. ! ! ! !MTV Video Music Awards Kevin Hart loved ourproducts soooo much bald and all LOL that he putFHI Heat in contact with Sony Pictures and FHIHeat signed the contract to get FREE productplacement for FHI Heat for the movie
  14. 14. For More Information Contact:Royal Beauty Lines, LLC.Beverly D MorrisonMaster Distributor+1 (832) 221-7801International HeadquartersRoyal Beauty Lines LLC4821 E. NASA Parkway, Suite 18ESeabrook, Texas 77586 USAemail:beverly@royalbeautylines.comhttp://www.royalbeautylines.com