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  2. What is Architecture?
  3. response
  4. Landscape is a natural scene mediated by culture. It is both a represented and presented space, both a signifier and a signified. WJT Mitchell
  5. People do not simply locate themselves, they define themselves through a sense of place. Michael Chang Cultural Geography
  6. Map Rock Snake River, Idaho Artist and date unknown The real voyage of discovery consists in not seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes Marcel Proust
  7. isolation
  8. There are three main parts to the planning system: Development Plans which set out how places should change and also set out the policies used to make decisions about planning applications. Development Management the process for making decisions about planning applications. Enforcement the process that makes sure that development is carried out correctly and takes action when development happens without permission or when conditions have not been followed.
  9. The development plan is a document that sets out how places should change and what they could be like in the future. It says what type of development should take place where, and which areas should not be developed. It sets out the best locations for new homes and businesses and protects places of value to people or wildlife. There can be up to three parts to the plan. Each council area in Scotland is covered by a local development plan, which sets out where most new developments are proposed and the policies that will guide decision-making on planning applications.
  10. All planning applications must contain a supporting statement which will look at your proposal in relation to planning policy, place-making/sense of place and local factors such as pre application comments and discussions with local groups. This will be accompanied by your plans and completed application forms. As a guide, you will also need for this project; A4 Bound Supporting Statement document A4 Application form and certificate of ownership & fee calculated A4 Neighbour Notification Plan A3 Location Plan showing boundaries (Red & Blue) and existing situation A1 Site Layout Plan showing proposals, parking and landscaping etc. A1 2D Elevations & 3DRenders of proposal A1 2D Floor Plans & 3D Internal Renders of proposal A1 3D Elevation Renders and Streetscape Views A1 3D Exploded Floor plan Renders and Walkthrough Views ePlanning website
  11. What is a master-plan? Spatial explanation of ideas or intent Communicate to different audiences Test & agree direction Calculate costs & values Co-ordinate disposal / development Visualise a place Basis for consultation & engagement Build ownership & confidence
  12. Understanding the character of a place is key to establishing a vision of how a community should develop. Take Orkney or other Islands places (Skye?) they are characterised by compact coastal towns and villages, clustered farm steadings silhouetted against huge skies, and simple linear cottages which respond to the wind.
  14. PLACE = CHARACTER = LIFE + ENVIRONMENT There are outstanding examples of contemporary architecture in Orkney and our Islands which respond to the context and character of the area. The Stromness Pier Arts Centre is world class modern architecture which has seamlessly become part of the built- heritage of the island
  15. But what about the rest? Suburban type development to the towns, huge houses rather than clustered farm steadings, and overly complex houses which have lost the simplicity of form and detailing of the traditional cottage.
  16. Sense of Place?
  17. View from the Road?
  18. Think of the Road being a secondary feature not the primary feature?
  19. Sense of Place?
  20. West Linton Density?
  21. Look at the Road against the housing?
  22. Pastiche?