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Catering and Hospitality videos

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Videos resources to support learning

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Catering and Hospitality videos

  1. 1.  Consideration had to be given to the lack of IT equipment available within professional kitchen  Required something portable to use to record  Easy to use (due to tutors lack of confidence with technology)  Enable easy upload of resources onto VLE (Moodle)  Catering Tutor identified a need for video resources as a multi purpose tool  To aid assessment revision  To allow learners to recap on specific technical aspects without incurring the cost of additional ingredients  Encourage students to demonstrate their own skills
  2. 2.  Used iPad to record demonstrations  Set up Catering and Hospitality YouTube account  Videos easy to upload to YouTube and links added to Moodle courses  Students able to access resources anytime Liz Brighton (Catering and Hospitality tutor) discusses her vision for creating video resources https://youtu.be/Nq67XFXKgqk
  3. 3.  Today’s Specials  Soft Poached Egg  Bean and Vegetable Stew  Skinning Lemon Sole  Turned Potato  Making shortbread biscuits  Poached Pear  Ingredients List  ‘How to’ create YouTube channel  iMovie (example trailer for The Restaurant) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqPxuNhpU9A  YouTube  iPad Video Recorder
  4. 4.  For further information on this presentation or resources please contact Sarah Rose roses@selby.ac.uk