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Content Marketing

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In content marketing, main goal is brand development and to make strategies for increasing website traffic using social media marketing. Team creates blogs, articles, video, infographics to advertise product and services using content. For more information about content marketing, visit http://www.identifyconsulting.co.nz/market-and-brand-development/

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Content Marketing

  1. 1. Insights of Content Marketing
  2. 2. Content Marketing Content marketing involves creativity and sharing your product information on social media websites and publishing your content in order to acquire and retain customers.
  3. 3. Content Marketing Strategy Content marketers create a story about product and generates a unique strategy for your brand development. They always focus on ways to engage customers in target areas, with using website content.
  4. 4. Types of Content Markeing  Promotional marketing  Engagement marketing  Marketing operations  Guerrilla marketing  Social media marketing  Database marketing
  5. 5. Types of Content Markeing Promotional marketing In promotion marketing, team focus on brand development and make strategies for effective result on social media marketing. Engagement marketing Engagement marketing also known as On-ground marketing. It is a strategy in which we directly target consumers and invite consumers to take part in the increasing growth of a brand. Marketing operations The main goal of marketing operations is to increase marketing performance and directory activity.
  6. 6. Types of Content Markeing Guerrilla marketing Its designed for small businesses to promote their services or product in an individual way with some budget to spend. This strategies involves high energy on targeting the public in more personal and professional level. Social media marketing In main focus on increasing the social media traffic on our website. In this strategies usually center on efforts to create content that attracts the reader and engage them for long period. Database marketing Database marketing is using databases and information of customers to generate personalized communications between business in order to promote a services and products for marketing
  7. 7. Content Marketing Techniques  Infographics  Meme  Book reviews  Videos  Opinion post  Product reviews  Link pages  Ebook  Case Study  Podcast
  8. 8. Type of Content  Infographics Infographics shared more, viewed more than other content types. They are provide your full business services or product information in visual format to readers.  Meme Memes may not be the best type of content to share on your blog, but they are create social traffic more than other  Book reviews A book review is a simple discussion on a book, mainly your take on it. You recommend good ones and share the information that you take from them. 0 Infographics
  9. 9. Type of Content  Videos When create a video of an office tour, business meeting or media interview. You have to get the content right. A video is not only about picture you move; It is all about the words that you display.  Product Review When you engage key manufacturers, or service providers, you gain recognition and respect. All you need to do is share your experience with the product and provide your recommendation.  Link pages A link page is perfectly a post that provides links to great results around the social media web. Its provide more reputation and traffic for your own site with authoritative SEO signals.
  10. 10. Type of Content  Ebook An ebook is long content packaged in a different format, usually as a PDF. Ebooks are often a downloadable product, available for free in exchange for joining a mailing list.  Case Study One of the best ways to learn about content marketing is to see what others are doing. Check out case studies for what process business product or services are using to get effective results with content marketing.
  11. 11. Contact US 09-555-7350 rachel@identifyconsulting.co.nz http://www.identifyconsulting.co.nz/ Rachel