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nailing the cto job

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What is a CTO? What does that mean? How do you do that? Nailing being CTO. What is a CIO? Top tips. More top tips. Even more top tips. What's stopping you?

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nailing the cto job

  1. 1. interim.team nailing the CTO job rorie devine hello@interim.team 0800 246 5735
  2. 2. what is a CTO? chief Technology officer1 2 3 which means everything...and nothing you’re responsible for using technology to make your company successful
  3. 3. what does that mean? generally to help create and deliver your company’s product/service to your customers which is kind of the most important thing...
  4. 4. what is a CIO? there is no standard definition but maybe...1 2 3 a CIO works ON the Tech Team a CTO works IN the Tech Team
  5. 5. nailing being a CTO use technology to create competitive advantage for your company easy to say...hard to do...
  6. 6. how do you do that? make sure your WHAT and HOW are awesome 1 2 3 WHAT = innovate using the best technologies available HOW = be the quickest and best at doing it
  7. 7. top tips 1) create urgency 2) bring clarity 3) achieve delivery
  8. 8. more top tips 1) hire really smart people 2) create small teams 3) give people problems to solve...not solutions to do
  9. 9. even more top tips 1) deliver early and iterate 2) test and learn 3) focus relentlessly on business outcomes...
  10. 10. interim.team provides high impact temporary employees on site or remotely to make people successful what’s stopping you?
  11. 11. interim.team thank you rorie hello@interim.team 0800 246 5735