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Participative Decision Making (Lightning Talk at LKCE 2014 in Hamburg)

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The presentation discusses several decision making mechanisms: "I decide, you follow", consultation by management, majority voting, Konsent and individual consultative decisions.
The slides show how the decision making mechanisms work and discusses the pros and cons. Last but not least the relation between decision making mechanisms and organizational culture ist discussed.

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Participative Decision Making (Lightning Talk at LKCE 2014 in Hamburg)

  1. 1. Participative Decision Making Beyond Majority Voting Lean Kanban Central Europe, 11-nov-2014 Stefan Roock, stefan.roock@it-agile.de, @StefanRoock
  2. 2. I decide, you follow Easy to install. Fast. Manager as bottleneck. Risk of bad decisions (due to lack of insights and bottleneck situation). No empowerment of employees.
  3. 3. Consultation by Manager „As the manager in charge of a decision I consult employees affected by my decision. That way I increase the chance to understand their needs and have the chance to create a better decision.“ Better decisions and higher commitment than „I decide, you follow!“ Needs time. Manager as bottleneck (even more). No empowerment of employees.
  4. 4. Majority Voting Fast. May cause alignment problems with the „no“ voters.
  5. 5. Konsent    Great for me! Will support it if the group wants it. Veto! Can’t support it. I will help to create a better solution, at least by explaining the veto or even better by suggesting a small modification to the decision.
  6. 6. Konsent High alignment. Improvement process incorporated. Causes a lot of effort for larger groups or asynchronous decision making. May not converge for larger groups.
  7. 7. Consultative Individual Decision Choose a decider Consult Decide Konsent is not feasible Practice forgiveness Learn for next decision Publish decision Niels Pfläging: „Organize for complexity“
  8. 8. Consultative Individual Decision: Our first reaction „That can’t possibly work. Let’s try it!“
  9. 9. Consultative Individual Decision: Why it works Social pressure regarding the process of consultation (and not the decision itself).
  10. 10. Consultative Individual Decision we use it for • company process changes (e.g. our innovation process, office fridays) • salaries • final employment decisions (after probation period) • investments • etc. High alignment (but lower than Konsent). Improvement process incorporated. Works asynchronously. Needs time. May degenerate to majority voting under high social pressure.
  11. 11. Summary „I decide, you follow“ Consultation by manager Majority voting Konsent Consultative Individual Decision Large groups high effort Large number of decisions bottleneck bottleneck high effort Alignment with decisions dependent on reputation problem with „no“ voters super high dependent on company culture Asynchronuos decision making high effort Time frame for decision minutes to hours weeks minutes to hours hours to days weeks
  12. 12. In the end it’s all about organizational culture - of course Organizational culture influences how a decision mechanism works. AND The used decision mechanism influences the organization culture.
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention Agility on all levels Stefan Roock, CEO stefan.roock@it-agile.de Twitter: @StefanRoock