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The 5 Pillars of #Gamification

  1. The Pillars of Gamification Roman Rackwitz @RomanRackwitz 5 /rrackwitz
  2. Gamification is about reverse-engineering what makes games effective. Games are not successful because of some fancy design, points or leader-boards. Since the dawn of human kind we play games to practice to survive. In games we chase our better selves! This is why I'm going to introduce you to the 5 Pillars of Gamification. They form the foundation of most of the engaging game-like environments like video-, board-, and card-games but also sports, leisure activities and hobbies. To know about these 5 pillars provides the working framework for Gamification-design.
  3. Information Transparency PILLAR #1
  4. Information- Transparency Relevance One of the core characteristics of games is that they provide us with all the relevant information that is necessary to progress. If we are stuck within a game we never even think about the possibility that it could be the game's fault because we don't have access to the resources we need in order to succeed, right? Can you say that for your work?
  5. (Real-time)Feedback PILLAR #2 Information Transparency
  6. (Real-time) Feedback Personal Dashboards In games we fail over 90% of the time but we love it. Why? Because we feel confident to be able to learn from our failures and to become better. In games we are always chasing our better selves and this is it what makes them so appealing. This is possible because in games we experience real-time feedback that enables us to adjust and to improve immediately. How is your on-the-job feedback cycle?
  7. Goals/Rules PILLAR #3 Information Transparency (Real-time)Feedback
  8. Goals/RulesGuidance No matter what kind of game you play, you always know about the outcome that is expected from you, and how you are allowed to behave. Goals and rules define a frame- work within which you feel confident to act. Together with Information-Transparency and (Real-time)- Feedback it's the 3rd pillar that enhances your ability to perform in complex systems. Do you know all the company's rules and exact goals?
  9. Room to Maneuver PILLAR #4 Information Transparency (Real-time)Feedback Goals/Rules
  10. Room to ManeuverIndividual Path Although we love to have goals and rules as an helpful framework, we also want to decide by ourselves what to do and how to do it, within that given framework. The most powerful commitment ist the one we impose upon ourselves. Does your organisation enable 'Room to Maneuver' or does it celebrate micro-management?
  11. Challenging Tasks PILLAR #5 Information Transparency (Real-time)Feedback Goals/Rules Room to Maneuver
  12. Challenging TasksNeither Boring Nor Frustrating If we are facing a challenge that is too difficult we get frustrated but if it is too easy we get bored. Engaging activities have one characteristic in common: They always match our actual skills and can even adjust to it. This is the little secret of fascinating & fulfilling games and game-like activities... ...and also of your job?