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Why Getting “Update Presentation” Back Is important for SlideShare

Short letter to LinkedIn/ SlideSshare team-

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Why Getting “Update Presentation” Back Is important for SlideShare

  1. 1. Why Getting “Update Presentation” Back Is important for SlideShare Dear LinkedIn/SlideShare team I have published bunch of presentations for various projects during my carrier at SlideShare. I really appreciated your service with the clear mission, spread the knowledge as efficiently as possible. Today I've realized that you have cancelled the function of update of presentation. Guys, let me be straightforward. This decision had to be taken by somebody with DEEP misunderstanding in the real project mission. The curation of the content is the NATURAL part of discovery, understanding of the particular topic. When I overcome the corrections of typos or mistakes which make people feel like complete idiots as the links to presentation, yes, links which are valuable also for YOU, are already spreaded. So PLEASE, PLEASE get the "Update Presentation" function back. Whatever reason the lawyers, operations or whoever corporate idiot told you, kick his/her ass and do it. Not because some stupid guy from shithole country says it. But because it is a key for being the source of high value information for the whole world. And that's the strong reason to wake up each day. Best Regards