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  1. Jiraaf
  2. Story about Jiraaf • Founded in 2021 by Saurav Ghosh and Vineet Agrawal, two experienced professionals in real estate and corporate finance respectively, we are a platform offering curated high-yield fixed income investment opportunities in alternative asset classes. • These asset classes have traditionally been accessible only to the ultra-rich due to the high entry barriers, but we intend to democratize this by making it accessible to all retail investors and provide opportunities for wealth creation.
  3. • We aim to enable investors to participate and create a more diversified portfolio by providing access to multiple new- age alternative investment options. • Types Of debt • Corporate Debt. • Venture Debt. • Invoice Discounting. • Asset Backed Leasing.
  4. Corporate Debt • Why invest in a Corporate Debt Opportunity? • Predictable returns Secondary income stream. • Secured acked by strong collateral. • Diversification Fixed return without market volatility. • Regular Income Periodic principal and interest repayments.
  5. Venture Debt • Why invest in a Venture Debt Opportunity? • High yield and low tenure. • Participate in the growth journey of a start-up. • Balanced risk-adjusted return. • Co-invest alongside marquee investors.
  6. Invoice Discounting • What is Invoice Discounting? • Short tenure with good yields helps boost your investment portfolio. • Exposure to high quality companies making the risk reward favorable. • Diversify your portfolio across different industries and sectors.
  7. Asset Backed Leasing • What is Asset Backed Leasing? • Predictable returns Secondary source of income. • Asset Ownership Higher security due to defined ownership. • Diversify your portfolio Ownership of different hard assets. • Earn high yields With visible repayments.
  8. If you have any Doubts, kindly visits this URL. https://www.jiraaf.com/