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E-commerce Forum 2015: Google - industry perspective

Today's customer journey by David Lloyd

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E-commerce Forum 2015: Google - industry perspective

  1. 1. Today’s customer journey David Lloyd Retail Industry Lead, Google UK
  2. 2. Technology is changing everything Change has never happened this fast before... and it will never be this slow again
  3. 3. More Moore
  4. 4. 20151990 discrete Computing continuous Computing MOBILE FIRSTTechnology: getting out of the way
  5. 5. think do caresee Today’s customer journey
  6. 6. see
  7. 7. 1st Online Video Site 2nd Largest Search Engine 3rd Largest Website 4B+ Videos viewed every Day
  8. 8. 37 million Source: comScore Media Matrix, November 2014, UK - via YouTube Media Pack Q1 2015 UK consumers watch YouTube videos every month That’s 78% of the internet population
  9. 9. 275k 492k 2m 1.8m 2.8m 7.3m 35m 8 BN views
  10. 10. +46% sales increase in featured products
  11. 11. Source: YouTube UK - Media Pack Q1 2015 Image source: http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2382/2085856619_cb32633ecb_o.jpg 45%of YouTube viewing in the UK happens on a mobile device
  12. 12. think
  13. 13. Source: We Are Social - Digital in 2015 (January 2015) The average UK consumer spends 1hr 52 mins per dayusing the internet on their smartphones
  14. 14. Global game-changer
  15. 15. Makerbot Evernote Kickstarter Flipboard Square Spotify Jawbone Uber airbnb Business-model disruption...
  16. 16. ...and the customer journey is being disrupted Source: Google Internal data.
  17. 17. Google Confidential and Proprietary Consumers researching using generic terms are more likely to use mobile devices GENERIC SEARCHES
  18. 18. Google Confidential and Proprietary Consumers who are closer to purchasing and using brand terms are still more likely to be on desktop BRAND SEARCHES
  19. 19. How to approach this shift? 1. Track total conversions, not device-by-device 2. Measure micro-conversions on mobile 3. Understand what’s happening to your desktop traffic
  20. 20. care
  21. 21. © Google Confidential and Proprietary Data-driven marketing is at an inflection point “The analysis of the data, using it, digging into it–is the power” 90%Existing data has been created in the last 2 years 90%Fortune 500 companies have big data initiatives underway 20%–30%Operating revenue loss due to poor data 64%CMOs expressed interest in Big Data–only 8% have implemented! $50BBig data market by 2017 Exponential Growth Huge Business Opportunity Massive Underlying Value Brands Are Moving Fast Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP 2014–Year of Actionable Data
  22. 22. Minutes browsing Boston Consulting Group study: advertisers can improve efficiency & performance when data is housed in one place Make buying & executing easy and efficient Know your audience & delight them across screens Make better decisions with unified insights & attribution -12% Bounce Rate - 12% to -33% Workflow Efficiencies -10% Cost per click +7% Site Visits +30% Minutes Browsing -28% Cost per view -32% Cost per action Source: BCG, Cutting Complexity, Adding Value, May 2013 & Adding Data, Boost Impact, September 2014 PerformanceEfficiency
  23. 23. By 2020 investment in audience buying is projected to exceed spend in Search Source: IAB UK 2013
  24. 24. think do caresee
  25. 25. Thank you David Lloyd Retail Industry Lead, Google UK