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Analytics & Visual Optimiser

Tim Leighton-Boyce at Screen Pages Client Event Sept 2012

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Analytics & Visual Optimiser

  1. 1. How Can I Make my Site Better? Use data to find out what to fix
  2. 2. Background• Started out in mail order: 1978 – Fascinated by trying to make experience “better”• Started analysing how people use web sites: 1994 – Fascinated by trying to make experience “better”• Now I combine the two• (and I used to take pictures of bikes and skateboards)
  3. 3. Main ThemeMake the site “better” … what does “better” mean
  4. 4. What has Wiggins got to with this?
  5. 5. Coming up•Change things in minutes not months•What about mobile?•GA tips
  6. 6. Change things in minutes …not months
  7. 7. Use split tests to change the site• Easy• Quick• Cheap • Very quick
  8. 8. What about Mobile? http://bit.ly/ScreenPagesMobile
  9. 9. Mobile:Standard reports
  10. 10. Mobile:Use segments e.g. Visitor flowUse segments
  11. 11. Mobile:Custom dashboard Split tablets from phones http://bit.ly/GaMobileDashboard
  12. 12. GA Tips: stop wasting time• Only look at what matters• If you can’t change it, don’t look• Let the data come to you
  13. 13. Let the money come to youRevenuecomparison byday Scoreboard with % change Broken down by source
  14. 14. 1 Configure a report
  15. 15. 2. Schedule the email Make that Sunday
  16. 16. GA Tips: look at stuff you can change
  17. 17. GA Tips: find and fix Cart abandonment rate
  18. 18. GA Tips: cart to start micro-funnelExample is forMagento with/onepage/checkout
  19. 19. GA Tips: cart to start dashboard widget
  20. 20. GA Tips: 404s = stuff you can changehttp://bit.ly/GA404alerts Magento: Use this filter first Then set up matching goal
  21. 21. Final GA Tips Health Warnings:• Admin logins• ‘Raw’ unfilteredt profiles• Spare profiles• Track error messages
  22. 22. What do I do?• Long term (typically years…) retainer-based • Ongoing research and best practice advice • Systematic Voice of Customer Survey Analysis and trending • Ad hoc usability testing, troubleshooting and error tracking • Regular Google Analytics analysis (checkouts, KPIs, errors)• Medium term (3 to 6 days) one-off projects • Full site audits and recommendations for improvement • GA custom tracking and configuration• Short term (1 to 2 days) one-off projects • GA health check and advice • GA specific project analysis • GA custom reporting, support and training
  23. 23. I can help• GA check-up – Telephone discussion of business goals – Look at site and existing GA data• Deliver – Document • Summary of findings • Recommendations for profile settings (internal search, housekeeping filters & settings, brand search filters & segments) • Recommendations for engagement, conversion and error goals • Recommendations for checkout funnel reporting – Conference call to discuss
  24. 24. Just ask…Follow me on Twitter: @timlb Linked In, Facebook etc: http://profiles.google.com/tim.lboyceLinks: Mobile dashboard: http://bit.ly/GaMobileDashboard Mobile report: http://bit.ly/ScreenPagesMobile 404 Error article: http://bit.ly/GA404alerts