ScreenFridge - Transparent Refrigerator from pilot Screentime (ENGLISH)

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Designed and built in Germany - the revolutionary commercial grade transparent fridge with online content management system.

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ScreenFridge - Transparent Refrigerator from pilot Screentime (ENGLISH)

  1. 1. pilot Screentime 1
  2. 2. SCREENfridge from pilot Screentime. pilot Screentime 2 Youtube Link Made in Germany
  3. 3. The problem at POS in supermarkets and grocery stores.  Customers in supermarkets are in a ‘‘passing-by situation“ and it is difficult to attract their attention.  The SCREENfridge is a powerful „attention grabbing“ marketing and communication tool in this instance. pilot Screentime 4 PASSING-BY SITUATION REACH RECEPTION WAITING SITUATION SCREENfridge at POS
  4. 4. Time spent at the supermarket.  The average time customers spend at the supermarket:  drugstore 5 minutes  discounter 8 minutes  supermarket 13 minutes  departement stores 21 Minuten attention grabbing screen communication increases brand and product awareness at POS in cases where customers have more time on their hands pilot Screentime 5 Source: "INSITU - European Marketing Research"
  5. 5. SCREENfridge (without connectivity).  SCREENfridge with a 47“ transparent display, freestanding for retail purposes  Time switch for day and night operation  Front with safety glass  Back panel (suited for freestanding operation)  Custom designed LED-lighting for maximum visibility of the products  Housing in white (alternative RAL colors available)  Designed specifically for the European market  Mediaplayer (with USB stick) for video playback in full-HD (1080p)  On-site content replacement only! pilot Screentime 6
  6. 6. SCREENfridge (with connectivity).  The SCREENfridge with connectivity includes everything a customer would require of a fully automated and dynamic POS marketing tool  Windows PC with WLAN, UMTS and LAN  Content hosting and 3G data contract  Online (browser based) control of your content with individual customer login  Dynamic content possibilities  Proof of play (reporting) of all content delivery  Online and realtime monitoring (hardware & software)  1st-level support and service (hotline) pilot Screentime 7
  7. 7. The full potential with connectivity.  Real-time dynamic playout of content, depending on date and time.  Location based services such as weather, news or traffic.  Integration of partners to show relevant information for the location. pilot Screentime 8
  8. 8. Communication funnel for the SCREENfridge. pilot Screentime 9 AWARENESS INTEREST TRIAL LOYALTY Loyality & endorsement PURCHASE Re-purchase „Eyecatcher“ content „Service“ content „Editorial“ content „Product“ content FOCUS
  9. 9. Example: Content playlist Mon-Sat 7am-8pm. pilot Screentime 10 24 20 23 1630 20 10 16 25 10 Eyecatcher Service EditorialProduct 160 Sec. 72 Sec. 33 Sec. 25 Sec. 290 Sec. 20 10 10 56
  10. 10. Playlist video example (290 seconds). pilot Screentime 11 Youtube - Link English and German language versions available
  11. 11. Example: location based information. pilot Screentime 12 Pictogram 1-5 Welcome Copy 1-5 Location Temperature Description Logo
  12. 12. Example: integration of partners. pilot Screentime 13 Brand Partner Copy
  13. 13. Benefits overview. Without connectivity With connectivity initial-content (up to 60 seconds) and upload to the player x x video-playback in full-HD in 1080p x x central control of the content, independent of location - x dynamic playlists - x location based data in real-time (weather service + location information) - x „proof of play“ reporting and real-time monitoring - x support hotline (Mon- Fri 9am to 5pm) - x pilot Screentime 14
  14. 14. Measurements of the SCREENfridge.  Weight without content: 167 kg pilot Screentime 15
  15. 15. Optional finishing of the SCREENfridge. pilot Screentime 16 e.g. campaign motive Foil on all four sides Manufacturer logo
  16. 16. Roll-Out checklist and protocol for delivery and installation. pilot Screentime 17 Connectivity Set-Up Timer Set-UpShelf filling manual English and German language versions available
  17. 17. Smart screens from pilot Screentime. pilot Screentime 18
  18. 18. pilot Group.  pilot Screentime is part of the pilot Group. Exemplary in digital marketing, pilot is one of the largest digital agencies in Europe, with a turnover of over 30€ million and 370 employees.  Agency locations: Hamburg, Berlin, München, Stuttgart, Wien. pilot Screentime 19
  19. 19. Cross- Channel Performance Marketing RTB SEO SEA Affiliate Content & Creation Web-TV, Branded Entertainment, Campaign development, Multiscreen Design, Motion Graphics, Video-Postpro- duction Media Planning & Buying Online, TV, Print, OoH/Billboard Radio, Cinema, Mobile, DooH, POS Support & Service Hosting, Tracking, Adserving, Reporting, Automatic Optimisation, Hotline Support Software Development Multiscreen Tools and Techno- logies, Websites, Microsites, Apps, Digital Signage Social Media Marketing, Community Managment Consulting Media, Advertising, Content, Technology Digital Signage, Smart TV pilot Screentime Crossmedia solutions since 1999. 20 Full service communication pilot Hamburg pilot Research Market research and advertising , Double Play, pre- tests, customer journey analysis, efficiency evidence, Modellings pilot Screentime
  20. 20. References. pilot Screentime GmbH 21 Musik- und Kongresshalle Lübeck
  21. 21. Content and advertising for all digital marketing-touchpoints. pilot Screentime GmbH 22 Online platforms Customer websites/ -channels with CMS Procter & Gamble Acer Heinemann Direct LineNewYorker OTTO Community Life Tablet PC apps Smart TV apps stern Mobile apps Websites POS Branded entertainmentDooH Yellostrom
  22. 22. pilot Screentime based in Hamburg. Training rooms Video and audio post- production Screentime LAB Support and Service teams pilot Screentime 23
  23. 23. Content, advertising and technology for digital signage networks. SoftwareContent & production Installation managementHardware purchase 2 5 Service & Support Smartphone Smart TVPCTablet Digital „Customer Journey“ plaform integration Strategy, planning and project management 1 64 7 3 pilot Screentime 24
  24. 24. Digital screen communication at POS and POI.  Digital screen communication with emotional content, information and advertising controlled via one content management system. Video walls Digitale Plakate Menu boards Interactive kiosks Guides Produkt demos pilot Screentime 25
  25. 25. Digital signage workflow.  We use a content management system, that can either be operated by us or by the customer himself. pilot Screentime 26
  26. 26. Roll-Out Management, Media Technology, IT System & Service. pilot Screentime 27 Energy Star, EPEAT, TCO, Eco-Flower, “Blauer Engel” and RoHS compliance Warranty management, Pick-Up & Return-Service Air and dust protection, IPx certification Indoor screens Outdoor screens Touch screens
  27. 27. Contact. pilot Screentime GmbH Neue Rabenstraße 12 20354 Hamburg Germany Daniel Kunkel Project Manager Tel.: +49 (0)40 – 30 37 66 – 835 E-Mail: Web: pilot Screentime 28 pilot Screentime GmbH