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A Positive humor arise roby pdf

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Humor is everywhere, for example. Laughter is one of the first things you do as a newborn, and, if all goes well, it will be one of the last things you do before you die. Try going through a day without so much as a chuckle, and you'll find that it's downright impossible. And those chuckles occur much more frequently than other commonly researched emotions like regret, pride, and shame.

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A Positive humor arise roby pdf

  1. 1. POSITIVE +HUMOR A.ROBERT MARIA VINCENT Founder & Head Arise Training & Research Center
  2. 2. FRIENDS & FOES • Humor gets people to listen. • Humor increases long-term memory retention. • Humor increases persuasion. • Humor aids in learning. • Humor increases the likability of the speaker.
  3. 3. ENHANCE RELATIONSHIP • Humor connects us with others and build networks. • Humor reduces status differentials. • Humor diffuses conflict. Humor builds trust. • Humor encourages people to work together.
  4. 4. PROBLEM DEFUSION • Humor boosts overall brainpower. • Humor improves decision-making. • Humor increases the acceptance of new ideas. • Humor triggers new connections. • Humor enhances ones ability to solve problems.
  5. 5. HUMOR FOR HEALTH • Humor reduces stress. • Humor strengthens the immune system. • Humor relaxes muscles. • Humor burns calories. Humor increases happiness.
  6. 6. BASIC CRITERIA FOR LEADERSHIP • Humor enhances perceived leadership skills. • Humor creates more opportunities. • Humor builds credibility.