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  2. 2. • Paternity DNA tests may be been created because of the inability of women to know who the father of their child is. This was first made popular on the Jerry Springer & Maury Pauvich shows. • But before you get down and dirty, it is important for you to understand what exactly paternity testing is. This test is basically a test which compares a child's DNA with the DNA of one of his/her potential fathers. These tests can help positively determine whether a man is a child's father or not.
  3. 3. • There are a number of different types of paternity tests out there and all of them can be performed either when or before the birth of the child. • When the test is conducted before birth it is called prenatal testing. This is conducted through a number of procedures including amniocentesis. Another procedure used is a SNP Microarray.
  4. 4. • When tests are conducted after the birth of the child it is known as post-natal testing. It can be done through various different tests as well and most of them remain non- invasive and are of no threat to the child whatsoever. • Some common procedures include cheek swabs, umbilical cord testing and blood testing. • Visit: http://www.xceleratedscreening.com