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T3DD06 TYPO3 5.0 Brainstorming Results

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During the TYPO3 Developer Days in Dietikon, Switzerland two brainstorming sessions for TYPO3 5.0 took place. The slides present the results of these sessions.

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T3DD06 TYPO3 5.0 Brainstorming Results

  1. 1. 5.x brainstormingT3DD06 – Dietikon 11.-13.rd of August 2006
  2. 2. Brainstorming:Current features What current features are the most valuable? What‘s the soul of TYPO3? What features make TYPO3 unique?
  3. 3. Results:Current great features
  4. 4. Results: Current great features Work Page Tree Frontend editing space sGraphic capabi lities T ypoS cript Ext ens ibilit Access control list y ana ger Permission system nsio nM E xte Eforms mizable idea of TC H ighly custo
  5. 5. Brainstorming:New features What features which require a radical change do you miss most? What standards do we want to support? What parts of the current architecture cause the biggest problems? What components do you imagine for TYPO3 5.0?
  6. 6. Results: E /F New features BE Diff Ty poShell of eren access on data t stor atiUnifi ed a par ge m of User mgm for se ion ion echa rat tat nism epa sen r s pre tte nd No Staging big portals be a / Synch ogic flexible ronisatio not depend l list module n ent onTem web contex platin t g AP Form handling / I rendering and validation Validation schema for XML data
  7. 7. Results: New standards to support LDAP WCAG General objec t serialization to bDAV XM L We S OAP TM X (l ocal izati on s tand XHTML Open Document ard) JSR 170 iCalGerman Pur (for inspiratio ity Law n)
  8. 8. Brainstorming:Teamwork How can the workload be distributed? How should teams be structured? How should we communicate? How do we stay motivated?
  9. 9. Document go Results: team history als and Teamwork / culture f Teams re ur eo flect Small teams tr uct eams e s sub t what we develop e Tr and(3-7 members) s Frequently team change t coordinato he r of a team e pers ons - rely o n singl ! Team c ommunic D on‘t work ation int sha re the code AP I interfa erfaces = Well communicated team ces stru ctures and work results
  10. 10. Development principles Iterative development No big jump, but realistic steps with intermediate results Small steps and frequent results ... keep us motivated allow for adjusting the direction based on our experiences provoce cleaner code and architecture by frequent refactoring
  11. 11. Development principles Upfront recycle design and radical refactoring Upfront design for data model and related components Recycle code from 4.x for the initial components Radically refactor the new components: Iterate between adding functionality and refactoring Use clean and dirty code Start with clean code based on clean concepts for fundamental changes Start with dirty code based for a working prototype
  12. 12. Development principles 100% innovative, 0% backwards compatible Be free from constraints of earlier TYPO3 versions Define the soul of TYPO3 and make sure to keep it Develop a migration path for essential parts (e.g. content). Develop the migration path already during the development of 5.0
  13. 13. Joint Development Model Architecture fundamental functionality Core Co UI ns pla mp ty Libraries Features sio ali tfo on on ten rm cti en fun Ex un ts ctio ef ibl na vis lity
  14. 14. Core Components Testing Framework Extensions Management Config TCEmain / Logging Storage Retrieval Rights Versioning L10N/I18n
  15. 15. Libraries (Examples) Transformation (Template Engine) Asset Mgt Workflow/BPM Messaging Help System Content Analysis Synchronisation Media Manipulation (Sorry, we did not have more magnets)
  16. 16. Extensions (Examples) Task Manager WIKI News System Shop System Calendar Blog Forum Mail Form Image Gallery Generator (Random Selection)
  17. 17. 3rd RnD Committee MeetingNext steps ...Berlin 22.-23.rd of June 2006