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A practical introduction to Event Sourcing and CQRS

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Event Sourcing is supposed to be a great thing: silver bullet; at least. But only if your business case requires it. And if you event-source, you of course need CQRS. Unless you don't. After all, if it's business critical, you really want to use DDD.

Enough of the theory? How about some practical introduction to the world of commands, aggregates, events, projectors and process managers? After this session you'll surely have a better idea of what all of this is about.


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A practical introduction to Event Sourcing and CQRS

  1. 1. A practical introduction to Event Sourcing and Command Query Responsibility Segregation
  2. 2. Robert Lemke CEO Flownative
 Project Founder Neos
  3. 3. CRUD Create, Read, Update, Delete
  4. 4. CQRS Command Query
 Responsibility Segragation
  5. 5. Event Sourcing Store all changes to the system, rather than it’s current state.
  6. 6. Event Sourcing Store all changes to the system, rather than it’s current state.
  7. 7. Mathias Verraes (http://verraes.net)
  8. 8. Motivation for Event Sourcing
  9. 9. Expressivity
  10. 10. Distributed /
 event-driven architecture
  11. 11. Audit log*
  12. 12. Debugging
  13. 13. New representations / analysis
  14. 14. Easy storage
  15. 15. Commands
  16. 16. Do that! (imperative)
  17. 17. Command Handlers will handle commands. They don’t return a result, only accept or reject commands.
  18. 18. $commandHandler- >handle($command);
  19. 19. Events
  20. 20. Domain Events: something interesting in the domain / business
  21. 21. (infrastructure) events: user clicked button, log has been rotated, file upload failed
  22. 22. Events are something which happened in the past
  23. 23. You can’t change the past, so events are immutable
  24. 24. Event Sourcing does not need a framework.
 But Neos.EventSourcing helps you implementing Event Sourcing with Flow.
  25. 25. The sample domain
  26. 26. addBookToAssortment addBookToCatalog addBookToListOfProductsPeopleCanBuy ;-)
  27. 27. Live Demo 😱
  28. 28. Some special cases
  29. 29. Deleting a book
  30. 30. Media / assets / binary data
  31. 31. Flow accounts, …
  32. 32. Versioning events
  33. 33. Should you try it?
  34. 34. robert@flownative.com www.flownative.com @robertlemke your thoughts?