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What Is A Twitter Card

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Add additional functionality to your Twitter stream, check out the View Summaries on mine @robertjbanach

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What Is A Twitter Card

  1. 1. What Is A Twitter Card? How to add a Twitter Card to your Twitter Account http://www.robertjbanach.com | @robertjbanach
  2. 2. What’s On Your Twitter Stream • When you post from a page on your website with the Twitter Card enabled you’ll add the View Summary • Give your readers the option to click on the View Summary to learn more about you http://www.robertjbanach.com | @robertjbanach
  3. 3. Twitter Stream: View Summary • When someone clicks on the View Summary your Twitter Card for your website page pops up • What do you want people to learn about you and what you do? http://www.robertjbanach.com | @robertjbanach
  4. 4. Twitter Cards Give You More • Media to your Tweets • Control over how your content is displayed • Followers that want to see your content • Traffic to your website http://www.robertjbanach.com | @robertjbanach
  5. 5. Twitter Card: 4 Simple Steps • Choose from 7 different Twitter Cards • Add meta tags to your page, each page may have a tag specific to what you want to share • Apply for the card by validating the tags • When approved, Tweet the page to see how it looks http://www.robertjbanach.com | @robertjbanach
  6. 6. Twitter Card: Card Catalog • Choose from 7 different Twitter Cards • Display images, videos, play a song, or just tell folks more about you • Add an App for additional functionality • Or a whole gallery of pictures http://www.robertjbanach.com | @robertjbanach
  7. 7. Twitter Card: Card Validator • On the Card Validator screen enter the information about you and your website • See a preview of what your card will look like to your readers • And, it gets better when you add Mobile App Integration http://www.robertjbanach.com | @robertjbanach
  8. 8. Twitter Card: Mobile Apps • Multiple mobile apps to integrate • Mobile apps are optional, and may be added at any time • Apps can be added for iphone, ipad and Googleplay http://www.robertjbanach.com | @robertjbanach
  9. 9. Thank you for attending Bob’s Hangout Join us Wed. at 8:00 pm CT for our next Hangout Learn about our Internet Marketing Certification http://robertjbanach.com/2013/12/01/ online-marketing-certification/ http://www.robertjbanach.com | @robertjbanach