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Email Delivery Support

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Email Delivery Support

  1. 1. Email Delivery Service
  2. 2. Why Email Important ? <ul>Newsletters Marketing products Affiliate Marketing Online Marketing </ul>
  3. 3. Email Service Provider There are plenty of email service providers ESP's who can sent out mails on your behalf. They provide interface to create list and schedule your mail campaigns. Advanced features like click and open rate to check email deliverability is also available.
  4. 4. SparkSupport Role We provide technical support for ESP as well as clients who wants to run their own mail servers to send out mails. Our expertise helps to achieve maximum email delivery and to maintain a good reputation for the ip as well as for the domain name.
  5. 5. SparkSupport Offerings Assure mails send out are RFC compliant Follow stringent rules of each ISP's Setup mass mailing softwares like Messagesystem,Ironport, PowerMTA
  6. 6. Configuring it for throttling limits Rotating IP's Removing the bounces Keeping the list clean Configuring email authentication methods like DKIM,SPF SenderID Checking spam contents in Mail Correcting HTML tags Sign up FBL from ISP's Automate removal of complaining address from the list
  7. 7. Advanced Offers Customize opensource mail servers (Postfix) to support multiple ips Sending mails through multiple ips Customizing open source email marketing softwares (PHPList)
  8. 8. Email Marketing will remain the best method of marketing and nothing can beat it.
  9. 9. Thank You