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D6440 facebook ad campaign report march 8 2012

A progress report on Rotary District 6440's Public Image Facebook ad campaign after two months.

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D6440 facebook ad campaign report march 8 2012

  1. 1.  Five month long advertising campaign on Facebook $13,000 budget  $8,000 RI Public Image Grant  $5,000 contributions from clubs Applied for Grant for next three years ($15k per year + $5k from D6440)
  2. 2.  Increase awareness, understanding & appreciation of Rotary by service minded adults living in District 6440 Increase interest in learning more about Rotary and local clubs Increase membership in clubs in District 6440
  3. 3.  Testing ad creative and “landing pages” to optimize ad “click through” and “Liking” of District Facebook Page while providing broad reach Membership Committee sends Facebook message to all new “Likers” who are not current Rotarians (privacy settings permitting) Information inquires are solicited from visitors to our Page via ads; membership committee follow up.
  4. 4.  180,000 Facebook users: who live within 10 miles of Antioch, IL, Barrington, IL, Buffalo Grove, IL, Deerfield, IL, Elgin, IL, Geneva, IL, Lake in the Hills, IL, McHenry, IL, Mount Prospect, IL, Mundelein, IL, Schaumburg, IL, Waukegan, IL, Wheaton, IL or Wilmette, IL age 30 and older Expressed interest on Facebook in one of these categories: Charity/Causes, Education/Teaching, Environment, Politics (US Active) or Small Business Owners
  6. 6. What is Rotary? page20 Reasons to Join Rotary page
  7. 7.  Started Campaign Jan 3 13.5 million impressions through March 7 3,656 “clicks” to either “What is Rotary Page” or “20 Reasons” Page 113 New “Likers” 40 information inquires Feb 4 – March 8 $4,900 spent  $0.36 per thousand impressions  $1.34 per click to our Facebook Page  $43 per “Liker” 100 ad variations
  8. 8. Does not include 1.5 million impressions per week via paid ads
  9. 9.  Join Our Planning Group  Send me a Friend Request Submit Ad Ideas/ Win $100?