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Sky trampoline arena healthy hearts

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Sky trampoline arena healthy hearts

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Sky trampoline arena healthy hearts

  2. 2. Location Located at 859 West Hill Field Road Layton, Utah 84041 (801) 546-7062
  3. 3. Sky Mission Statement  Sky Trampoline Arena provides safe, fun and challenging recreation for children, adults and families. It is a place to smile, laugh, unwind and blow off stress  Sky activities tone muscles, build confidence, strengthen the lungs and heart and help people reach heights never before reached  Sky exists to provide a safe, healthy and challenging alternative to other entertainment and recreation choices
  4. 4. Why Jump?  Sky Trampoline Arena is the newest built innovative exercise, and recreational business in Utah  Sky provides a fun, and safe place for children and families to exercise and have fun  This fun friendly park can help tone muscles, build confidence, and help strengthen relationships
  5. 5. Sky Safety  Sky is all about the safety of their customers  Our job is to make sure the floor is staffed with the most energetic, fun loving employees out there  Our employees delight in serving customers and want them to feel welcome and wanting to come back to practice their tricks  At Sky, the strong trampoline frames are custom built with tough heavy duty springs making the tramps more flexible and safe
  6. 6. Unique Features  The only place in Utah where you can find a unique half pipe is at your very own Sky Trampoline Arena  The half pipe is a challenging obstacle. It can help skiers and snow boarders master tricks jumping side to side without touching the bottom and practicing grabs and twists  Kids love to ride down the zip line! The fun soft landing makes it irresistible to turn down
  7. 7. Newest Features  Hop on over to the new rock wall and race to the top before your opponent  Safety comes first by insuring that all climbers have a harness  If you ever have the urge to race through something challenging, hop on over to the bounce house and race your friends through the obstacles
  8. 8. Popular Areas  The game of dodge ball can help relieve stress by focusing on binding your team together and getting the other team out  The foam pit can make it easier to master tricks and flips by providing a soft landing that catches your fall  To ride the zip line, just grab onto the handles and ride down the wire then drop safely in the foam
  9. 9. Kangaroo Jumper  Sky is always looking out for the little jumpers under 42 inches  Sky offers an incredible kangaroo jumper for the little ones. This big inflatable pillow makes the little ones safe to bounce without being tumbled over by bigger kids
  10. 10. Birthday Parties  Sky offers birthday party packages that competitors can’t beat  Birthday parties are available with decorated party rooms, decorated tables, games, a hostess and lots of fun
  11. 11. Cafe  Sky’s café has amazing deals to satisfy your cravings  Try for yourself any of the following favorites:  Protein smoothies  Veggie trays  Pretzels  Churros  Pizza  Hot dogs  Corn dogs  Unlimited drinks
  12. 12. Health Benefits  Sky Trampoline Arena helps improve individual well-being and overall health  Trampoline exercise has been found to provide unique benefits thereby making it the best exercise for healing the body • and for staying healthy
  13. 13. Benefits Of Trampoline Exercise  Increased muscular strength  Lengthened muscles thereby increasing flexibility  Improved posture, balance and coordination  Reduction in stress levels and greater control over addictions  Decreased weight  Improved circulation and cardiovascular health  Increased immune system and reduced chances of getting sick  Increased metabolism  Cleansing from toxins and other poisons in the body
  14. 14. More Information  If you have any further questions, feel free to go onto our website or give us a call! www.Skytrampoline.com 859 West Hill Field Road Layton, Utah 84041 (801) 546-7062  Don’t forget to check us out on our social media sites for our promotions and coupons