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git for Desktop Application Environments
Docker Global Hack Day 3

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  1. 1. Ronak Kogta Sambuddha Basu AppIT git for Desktop Application Environment
  2. 2. Our goal is simple, we want to use ideas of docker to make desktop experience better. A Time machine for your application.  Search trusted applications from appit repositories  Tight dropbox integrations to retain app customizations, even if you are on different hosts  Usability: Click on app icons like you used to, but now they will run on docker. Our Hack
  3. 3.  Your customized software need no another re- customizaiton.  IDE Synchronization (Netbeans,Eclipse) along with your workdir  Lot of pluggable batteries to the host  No need to permanently install applications.  An idea of minimalistic yet high functioning host.  Gives certain security, isolation, portable guarantees.  Make it easy for user, layman, and researchers Our Hack Inspiration
  4. 4.  Can Contain any sort of application (be it single container or multiple container)  All your customizations and data should be with you, while you launch an application. (Persistent State)  Define what each container is capable of  Resource Usage  Security Profiles  Capabilities Application Containment
  5. 5.  Freedom to create your own customizations and push it into docker hub.  Download only signed & trusted applications to your machine.  Application meta-data synchronization with cloud storage services like Dropbox Application Distribution
  6. 6.  Can easily define interfaces to interact  Network ports  ssh tunneling  vnc  sharing Xwindow Socket  Design  pull,push,search for your application (powerful cli)  creating launchers which makes using applications intuitive  gui wrappers to make it look like a package manager *(not implemented) Usability
  7. 7. ./appit.py
  8. 8. ./appit.py search firefox
  9. 9. ./appit.py pull firefox #pull signed image and meta data
  10. 10. ./appit.py push firefox #push signed image and meta data
  11. 11. ./appit.py run firefox #LaunchedFirefoxFirstTime LauncherCreated
  12. 12. ./appit.py run firefox #LaunchedAgain ChangedHomePgLstTime