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Rival IQ - Get Analytics and Comparative Intelligence

Does your business run their social strategy on guess-work? Know exactly how your posts are doing relative to your top competitors with Rival IQ. Crunch 1000's of social media posts, gain competitive insights and produce custom reports so you can improve strategic marketing decisions.

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Rival IQ - Get Analytics and Comparative Intelligence

  1. 1. SOCIAL POSTS GOOGLE ANALYTICS STOP GUESSING Most businesses run their social strategy on guess-work. You can run yours on data. Know exactly how your posts are doing. Crunch 1000s of posts. Produce visual summaries. Integrated with Google Analytics to put all your marketing data in one place. Improve Strategic Decision Making Gain competitive insight channel s posttiming em ojis post type k eywords & phrases hashtags social media email campaigns engagement top time of day top landscape posts posts per day posts with hashtag blog Clear presentation of data is essential. Good analysis allows leadership to make vital decisions quickly and confidently. EXPORTINGFORMATS ## # Measure everything on one dashboard. Learn from competitors Map out competitors’ campaign efforts and see where they’re allocating their budgets. 1 2 Discover waste Understand what works. Refine your strategy. Maximize your ROI. GA data can be confusing and messy. Rival IQ makes it easy to read. REPORTS Scheduled Exports Don’t waste time compiling data. Have your customized report sent to your inbox. .PPT .PDF .CSV reporting team-wide accessvisualization Simplifying Google Analytics What is my competition posting and how do my posts compare? Is my company maintaining brand guidelines when posting on social media? When am I posting most frequently, and can I optimize my posting times? 3 What trends are creating the most engagement with my audience, and should I post more about them? What is and isn't working for my competitors, and what can I learn from it? Answer key questions ??? ??? Get 7 days free Learn how Rival IQ can help you make more informed decisions about your market. Visit Rivaliq.com for a free trial Call +1(206) 395-8572 RIVAL IQ DELIVERS ANALYTICS AND COMPARATIVE INTELLIGENCE .PNG