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Steven paul jobs

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Steven paul jobs

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Steven paul jobs

  1. 1. Steven Paul Jobs Think Different
  2. 2. The Beginning of Jobs Steve jobs live began on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco. His biological mother was either an unwed graduate student named Joanne Simpson His biological father was a political scientist or mathematics professor.
  3. 3. About Mr.Jobs Steve Jobs was the Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple institute. Apple : Apple is a company, which make softwares, hardwares, laptops and many more things. He was also the Co-founder and CEO of Pixar Pixar : Pixar is a company who makes cartoon animations and Movies worldwide
  4. 4. Education Steve Jobs didn’t really care about school until he reached to year 5 and then the teachers saw he was so smart that he actually skipped year 6, so he went straight to year 7. He was bullied a lot at school during those times.
  5. 5. How is time important? It was a saying for Steve Jobs, don’t waste your time. Every single day Mr.Jobs woke up at exactly the same time and he didn’t waste his time in anything, for e.g. every morning he opens choosing what clothes to wear. Everyday he wore the same designed clothes. He had about a hundred of those same clothes.
  6. 6. Job’s very own family Steve married Laurene Powell on 18 March, 1991. Later on during Fall, Job’s first son was born, his name was Reed Paul Jobs. Although Reed was Steve's first son, he wasn’t the first child. back in 1978, Steve’s girlfriend Chrisann Brennan had given birth to steve’s daughter, named Lisa Brennan Jobs. Laurene then gave another birth in August 1995, to a daughter named Erin Siena. Soon in 3 years time Laurene then gave a new birth to a daughter named Eve.
  7. 7. Greatest Invention Steve Jobs had the idea to make pcs (Personal Computers) This was proved by his designed invention the apple ‘II’. This was the first PC ever created in the history of PC’s
  8. 8. Fun Fact ;) Jobs didn’t ever allow his kids to use new technology especially the Ipads.
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  10. 10. Thank you for being so patient and listening. I hope this Presentation helped you to know a bit more about Steven Paul Jobs