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Store of the Future: Upping Your In-store Experience

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Creating a positive in-store experience for your shoppers is essential for building a loyal customer base. Be sure to exceed their expectations when it comes to service, technology, and sense of community in your store.

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Store of the Future: Upping Your In-store Experience

  2. 2. Technology
  3. 3. Having technology that works is essential to create a seamless experience for your customers. Make sure you are equipped with the right technology that allows you to collect and access data to personalize your customer’s experience.
  4. 4. SOME IDEAS TO IMPLEMENT IN YOUR STORE ARE: • Tablets that allow customers to search and find certain inventory around your store. • Screens that display your company’s culture and values. This could consist of employee spotlights, footage from store events, customer interactions, etc. • An app that could be used to reach customers about the latest deals, events happening in your store, or to browse your inventory.
  5. 5. Service
  6. 6. A great in-store experience can usually be attributed to great customer service. Make sure your employees are trained to offer a positive, consistent experience for all of your customers.
  7. 7. ENHANCE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND RETAIL EXPERIENCE BY OFFERING: • Curbside pick-up • Store-to-car delivery • Local home/work delivery service • Individual or group personal shopping service • Personalized cards/gifts from all of your staff for your top 50 customers
  8. 8. Community
  9. 9. Creating a sense of community in your store is going to encourage visitors to stop by and hopefully turn your current customers into advocates. A communal environment will also increase your customer’s in- store experience.
  10. 10. • Partner with other local businesses (breweries, bakeries, apparel, etc.) • Bring in your Pet Wednesdays • Host Happy Hours • Put on monthly workshops or speakers related to your store’s theme • Serve beer in your store SOME SUGGESTIONS TO CREATE A SENSE OF COMMUNITY IN YOUR STORE ARE TO:
  11. 11. To learn more about enhancing your in-store experience, visit www.ricssoftware.com CLICK HERE ▷