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Retailer to Retailer-Tips from The Running Event 2015

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Buying, marketing, and selling are all essential parts of your business that together can make you a profitable retailer. This free guide walks through tips that we learned from retailers for retailers at The Running Event 2015 that apply to all industries.

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Retailer to Retailer-Tips from The Running Event 2015

  2. 2. BUYING TIPS To be a successful buyer, you need to create solid relationships with your vendors, sales reps, and customers. Additionally, you need to use your data to know: ■■ What has performed well in the past ■■ What the current trends are ■■ What your customers want
  3. 3. “If we’re not listening to our customers, we’re not learning and developing a relationship with them.” – Tom Griffen, Retail Trainer at The Mann Group
  4. 4. MARKETING TIPS It is essential that you have a marketing strategy that attracts customers to your store. The selling process begins before a customer enters your store and continues long after they leave. You can start by: ■■ Capturing your target audience through personalized campaigns ■■ Creating a brand that aligns with your values and beliefs ■■ Offering a compelling customer experience
  5. 5. “Retailers: align with brands that are going to bring more people in. Brands that people believe in.” – Tom Flierl, VP Marketing and Business Strategy at Hanson Dodge Creative
  6. 6. SELLING TIPS A successful selling strategy combines people and technology. Are you equipped with the following? ■■ An educated staff that is good at selling your products ■■ An omnichannel experience that allows customers to shop online ■■ Retail technology that processes sales
  7. 7. “It is important that your staff is educated and then they educate the customer.” – Karen Roberts, Owner of Get Fit 7
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