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  1. 1. contemporary Traditional Maori Culture part .2 The Maori creation story: the separation of heaven and earth By:Ricardo Gonzalez 1/13/2012 period 5 Culture and geography  Source:George Grey,1956, polynesian mythology(ed by William w. bird): christchurch Whitecombe and Tombs ltd 250 p. (BL2615.G843p 1956)
  2. 2. according to the Maori tradition "all humans are descended fromone pair of ancestors Rangi and papa  who are also called Heaven AND Earth
  3. 3. In those days Heaven and Earth clung closely together and all was darkness.
  4. 4. Rangi and Papa had six sons.
  5. 5. Tawhiri-ma-tea the father of winds and storms
  6. 6. Tangaroa the father of fish and reptiles
  7. 7. Tu-mantauenge the father of fierce human beings.
  8. 8. Haumia-tikitiki the father of food that grows without cultivation.
  9. 9. And rongo-ma-tane the father of cultivated food.
  10. 10. in the beginning these six sons and all other beings lived in darkness for an extreamly long time able only to wonder what light vision might be like.  
  11. 11. After a battle between the six sons Tu-manauenga ate 4 of his brothers as food sparing Tawhiri-matea the father of winds and storm
  12. 12. This is why today people are fierce and have war why people eat plants and animals and why there are storms.