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Social Media: Hype, Hell or Hope

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Social Media: Hype, Hell or Hope

  1. Rick Mans Global Social Media Lead Social Media: Hype, Hell or Hope
  2. Social Media is: Human interaction in a virtual world
  3. THE HYPE © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 3
  4. Within a few years social media has grown from scratch to form a significant communication and collaboration phenomena Social media in numbers 34 hours of video uploaded every minute onto YouTube 600 000 new members on Facebook every day 900 000 number of blog posts put up every day 500 million people on Facebook 84 % of social media sites with more women than men 1,7 billion Internet users worldwide 7 million + people following @ladygaga on Twitter 65 million tweets on Twitter per day 126 million number of blogs on the internet 18 % increase in internet users from previous year
  5. http://www.flickr.com/photos/naturalturn/3264726560/ THE END OF SHOPPING AS WE KNOW IT
  6. © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 15
  7. © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 16
  8. THE HELL © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 18
  9. Honda
  10. Ketchum and FedEx This particular Twitter posting came back to bite the agency person from Ketchum (New York office) who made some unflattering remarks about Memphis this morning before he presented on digital media to the worldwide communications group at FedEx (150+) people. Not only did an employee find it, they were totally offended by it and responded to the agency person. The kicker is that they copied the FedEx Coporate Vice President, Vice President, Directors and all management of FedEx’s communication department AND the chain of command at Ketchum. Mr. Andrews, the Ketchum presenter, did not take into account that many FedExers are native Memphians and are fiercely defensive of their city and their company.
  11. Earthquake in China 3 minutes VS 3 months
  12. Guns don’t kill people
  13. What guns do
  15. Only if you really don’t know it, you go to Google
  16. Search is becoming less and part of our online activities Compete’s director of online media and search told the San Francisco Chronicle that a snapshot of web traffic from December showed 13 percent of the traffic to major web portals like Yahoo, MSN and AOL came from Facebook. Traffic from Google generated just 7 percent, which Compete said actually put it third in traffic sources behind eBay, which accounted for 7.6 percent.
  17. Having a website has never been so not important mobile (apps) user-driven “everyware”
  18. Average 18% revenue growth during the crisis
  19. HOWEVER THEY SPEND MORE TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA (HYVES +41.000.000 FACEBOOK +26.000.000) The Dutch spend less time online in May than they did in April ( vs 1.883.000.000 minutes)
  21. It’s about a Social Transformation Urgent Enterprise Wide Social Transformation Customerexpectationregardingsocialchannel HighLow HighLow Market competitiveness Social Transformation Focused on Customer Interaction Social Transformation Focused on Cost Reduction Gradual Social Transformation Focused on Corporate Branding and HR
  22. Consumer evangelismeUpsellTransaction If you are not my friend, your are not my service provider Relations, not transactions Awareness Consideration Preference Action Loyalty Find me Get to know me Hear my story Tell me your story Be me friend Customer phases Customer needs Required activities Monitoring Reacting Conversing Responding Friending Use the tools and platforms your customers are already using
  24. YOU SHOULD HAVE STARTED 6 MONTHS AGO If you want to have success with social media right now
  25. Things you can do with Social Media SMILE Activities Supporting Meshing Interacting Listening • Help customers and let customers help themselves and others • Ensure there is a platform for them where they can find you, the brand, and other customers • Integrate customer feedback and input in your product cycles • Create a place where customers can provide input on your product and where they can see the result. • Start solving real world problems • Create an environment that promotes and enables co creation • Use a platform in which you can interact with your customers • Doing web care is a good way to get to know what is said about your products • Give customers a platform on which they can share their thoughts. Evangelizing • Provide customers a home base with tools so they can promote you / your products • Create easy promotion kits that can be reused over and over again.
  26. Your work is not about having meetings Eliminate update meetings –Are about old news –Are not interesting for everybody –Are just for the manager Example –Government institute –Weekly update meeting –10 people, 2 hours –Moving to microblogging –Instant updates, instant action –1.5 hours saved per person per week http://www.funnytimes.com/cartoons.php?cartoon_id=19951122 1.5 hours each week that could be spend on more important matters, such as your clients S M I L E
  27. “... study of the Lenovo community noted a 20% decline in the rate of call volume comparative 2007 to 2008 time periods ...” Resulting in: Lower TCO of Support, Faster Response Time, Scalability in Peak Situations S M I L E
  28. © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 42 Get your best deal.. Every day in your inbox, or look on the site for any other deals nearby S M I L E
  29. © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 20101011Vauxhall.pptx 43 Customer self service Be transparant about the known issues, it saves time for your support department S M I L E
  30. © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 20101011Vauxhall.pptx 44 S M I L E Is the iPhone successful or is it just a tool for using the successful appstore? By providing an SDK Apple has now 250000 apps available for the iPhone which are downloaded over 6.5 billion times
  31. © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 20101011Vauxhall.pptx 45 S M I L E Offer building blocks and make your own LEGO design LEGO went from 100 designers making 300 designs each year to 1 million designers making 3 million designs. And even better: the 1 million designers aren’t on the payroll
  32. S M I L E TriMet offers an API for free The best uses come from the users, so why not offer them the opportunity to come up with the required applications
  33. © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 20101011Vauxhall.pptx 47 S M I L E Right time, right message and now also right place Foursquare offers you the possibility to provide an offer for your (potential) client who are nearby, or even special deals for your most loyal customers
  34. © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 48 Health is worth sharing more than a virtual farm Farmville is based on peer pressure: your friends will gain points by visiting your farm, so you have a reason to have a proper farm. Health can be a shared experience as well. By sharing information about your current state, you will make sure it will be good, as your friends will be watching S M I L E
  35. Engage your customers Social Media not allows your to connect with the world, but also presents your with ability to create a (hyper) local niche S M I L E
  36. © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 50 Patientslikeme, the EPD as it could have been Patients share information about their conditions, the medicines and treatments they receive and more important: the outcomes. S M I L E
  37. © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 20101011Vauxhall.pptx 51 S M I L E P&G was able to use this community to market feminine hygiene products in a subtle way to an audience that doesn't want to talk about them. What's very interesting to note is that P&G found community building to be four times more effective than traditional advertising.
  38. S M I L E Listening can help in preventing disasters Go beyond just listening, reply on the platform your customers choose.
  39. S M I L E Are your customers liking you? Each ‘like’ is send to the connections of the customer, creating a potential viral loop of promotion.
  40. © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 54 S M I L E What is your grade Let patients share their experiences with your doctors and facility
  41. © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 20101011Vauxhall.pptx 55 Things that tweet? Go beyond traditional human interaction. Why not a product that tweets? Your product has a story to tell that is worth sharing S M I L E
  42. © 2010 Capgemini – All rights reserved 56 Go beyond the tools, beyond the transaction and beyond the expectations of your customers. With Social Media you can participate in your market, at a one to one level, to understand your customers and potential customers, wishes, wants and views to the satisfaction of all, (buyer, seller, prospect and partner).
  43. What’s your story you are going to share? Rick Mans Social Media Lead Papendorpseweg 100 Utrecht The Netherlands Phone: +31 6 51 21 01 44 E-Mail: rick.mans@capgemini.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/rickmans LinkedIn: http://nl.linkedin.com/in/rickmans