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Playing Hockey with Integrity

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Playing Hockey with Integrity

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Playing Hockey with Integrity

  1. 1. Playing Hockey with Integrity Richard Pascuzzi
  2. 2. Playing Hockey with Integrity Financial professional Richard Pascuzzi has spent over 20 years as a principal at Prospera Financial Services. He also co-founded PSEWealth Management in 2010. Now he continues to provide clients with premium investment management and financial planning services. Alongside his career, Richard Pascuzzi enjoyed playing ice hockey with the Integrity Hockey League until an injury forced him into retirement from the league, after serving as captain of the Bruins team for five seasons.
  3. 3. Playing Hockey with Integrity One of the best adult hockey leagues in Dallas, Integrity Hockey offers its members the opportunity to play ice hockey while growing in Christian fellowship.The season lasts from March until the double-elimination playoff games in September for a fee of only a little over $500. Each team includes at least 12 players, as well as a captain and goalie, although substitutes may also register as long as the team will not surpass 20 players.
  4. 4. Playing Hockey with Integrity In addition to providing members with the opportunity to play hockey in a Christian environment, Integrity Hockey also offers chaplains to assist players in spiritual growth.The organization provides additional resources and outreach through organizations such as Master's Men and I Am Second. For more information, visit IntegrityHockey.org.