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Il responsabile per l'Italia del Progetto Comenius è l'insegnate Alessandra De Matteis

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  1. 1. AN INTERVIEW WITH Husband: I because I didsurprised Iwhen Iteach too.toI Husband:: It do anot know. Ipeople the Godvery chosenThe rehearsal beautiful white dressesshow. The girls were Rimaszombat was very not know would came answer is I is question think ask us has often. me wearing two hours before the and they had nice was afraid of it but both the teachers and students were to preach.OUR NEW MINISTERS very kind. Wife: It is a good question. We often make decisions but haircuts. The boys were dressed in elegant dark suits, white shirts with bowties. Wife: The teachers were very friendly and the children we do not always know what the result will be. Although,In September new ministers (priests), Tamás and were nice as well. I have been studying theology because the God was Our first ball started at six in the evening. We showedAnnamária Mikos came to our school. They are husband Student: What were the first lessons like? important for me, I do not know what my mission will be about twelve dances in two parts to our parents, siblings,and wife. Husband: I was very nervous. I can tell you I had never like. godparents and teachers. Later we had a parent´s and paid attention so intensively on a lesson before as on those ones. DANCE LESSONS AND THE a teacher´s dance as well. After the official part the real ball started for us. We were dancing all night. Wife: There were many new situations. I had to get FIRST BALL The first ball ended in the early morning hours. We had known with all the groups. I think it is the aim of the first In January classes Quarto and Quinto started attending lessons as well. a very good time together. We were as happy as never dance lessons. We met on Fridays. We were very excited Student: Have you ever tried teaching earlier? before. Husband: No, never. I attended schools as a student so when we met for the first time. Our parents have chosen a far. very experienced teacher for us. We had a great time Wife: I have been teaching only a few lessons. But I was together every week. We gradually got better and better in looking forward to this school. various types of dances as we were training a lot. Student: What is your hobby? A week before the first ball we could only talk about the Husband: I like music, cycling and reading. Wife: I like sticking mosaic from pieces of colourful ball, our dresses, shoes and haircuts. glass, mirror and tiles. On Saturday April 21 our grandparents, neighbours,Student: What was your first impression about the Student: Why have you chosen this profession? friends and schoolmates could have a look at us on theteachers and students when you came to our school? This project has allowed me to experience different edu- anything until you have had the chance to experience An interview whith our staff Noel, our Comenius assistant cational systems in different countries. Before coming to them and their culture. Hello, my name is Noel Christy and I am from Ireland. I Spain I didn’t know what to expect, I was unsure as to Some of the students have recently conducted an inter- am here in Spain as an English assistant helping the chil- how I should teach English and how the people from dif- view with some members of the staff, including teachers, dren and teachers of Los Olivos to improve their English. ferent cultures would view me, but when I arrived in dining hall personnel and our principal, Ana Sanz. My assistantship is part of the Comenius programme, my Spain I found that the people were very welcoming and This interview was only focused on the task of each one national organisation The British Council works in part- helpful and the educational system had a lot of similari- of them, as well as asking if they do like their job and nership with the Comenius European programme sending ties to the Irish and UK systems. I also had these feelings why they chose it. English assistant to different parts of Europe. I decided to when I travelled to Turkey. This country I knew was a lot All of them share the same opinion concerning the fact come to Spain because I wanted to improve my Spanish different from Spain or Ireland and I was afraid in case I that they like their jobs, but not all of the people chose it and it is close to my country (and the weather is better didn’t like it. But again like in Spain the people were in the same way. The following table summarizes the than my country). wonderful and they made me feel very welcome. answers: My experiences with this project have been great. I have These experiences have really opened my eyes, I have been involved in many cultural projects within my school been emerged in different cultures with different people and i also had the opportunity to travel to Turkey and and ways of teaching which for many people is a deter- take part in the Comenius programme. I think that pro- rent and makes them think that other cultures and meth- jects like this one are very important for a lot of reasons. ods are not as good as their own, but in actual fact this is It helps people improve their English, meet new people very untrue! The children, teachers and everyone I had and gain great knowledge and experience from many dif- the opportunity to meet are all different in their own ways ferent things, the teachers also see and learn new teaching but they are also very much the same! techniques and ways to improve and encourage the chil- In Ireland we have a saying “Never judge a book by it´s dren in learning. cover” this means that you should never judge anyone of writing.So EUROPEAN LETTTER CRAZE is an K: Yes, and boys call me a plodder more often than girls. Interview with Esma Korubük important Project , not only for our school and pupils An interview with the best But I think they are jealous. but also for our village.In our school,our Turkish Teacher opened a course for adults to teach reading and student, Kacper Kwidziński- R: What competitions did you take part in? K: I took part in a lot of competitions, but the most im- writing.And Esma is one of the students of her.Sefa and the winner of the Voivodeship portant was the Voivodeship History Knowledge Olym- Melek asked some questions to esma about her feelings pics and other many national competitions from differ- after she started to read and write. History Knowledge Olympics. ent subjects. Question 1: Why did you want to learn reading and R: Do you like helping others? writing? Redaction: Kacper, how it is to be the best student? K: It depends on the situation. If somebody doesn`t do Answer 1: Because It was a so important problem in my Kacper: It is very pleasant and nice, but I don` t feel bet- the homework because of his laziness, I won`t help him. life. When I go to somewhere , I couldn’t read signs so I ter than others? But when I see that someone tries to do his best but he couldn’t find my way. Or I couldn’t read and understand R: Do your schoolmates call you a plodder? can`t do some task on his own, I help him with pleasure. anything that I see. R: Thank you very much Kacper. All the best! Question 2: Do you thing that There is a limit age to read or write? Silvie Dufková Answer 2: No,I don’t thing.I am very happy that I Interview with Missis On 19th April 2012 the learned and now I can read what Iwant.Everyone can learnd and I want to say that,Everyone should learn teacher Kamila Vorbová educator from our school Silvie Dufková received a reading and writing.It doesn’t bother that how old are Would you like to have a different job? festive appreciation from the you. No, I wouldn´t. I like to teach children. If I could try town Uherské Hradiště for The old woman in the picture is Esma Korubük. Esma Question 3: What did your family or friends think something new, I´d like to teach children in Africa. her sensitive and friendly What do you teach? approach to children. She learned to reading and writing 3 months ago. She is 45 about you when you started to course for reading- I am a class teacher of 5th A, there I teach Czech, Maths works at our school as educator in after-school club, she years old and she is so happy today because she can read writing? and English. Then I teach English in 3rd and in 4th class. also teaches Art and Pottery. She creates a calm and safe the newspapers.She is only one example from the place Answer 3: Everyone in my family, especially my son Do you think that your class is good? environment to work for children. She also cooperates on that our school landed.There are so many people and daughter , were happy for me. Yes, I do. I think they could be more better. the project COMENIUS, for example logo, comics and (especially the women) who don’t know reading or Sefanur Balcı-Melek Korubük What are your hobbies? decoration of school. She helps I like going to the theatre, I like reading and swimming. to children and also to her colleagues. In which country with our family, then we go on the Internet or we listen were you? Václav Havel Our weekly routines or to music. We go to bed at 10pm. On Saturdays we don’t go to school so we have a very long week-end. We love I was in France, Václav Havel died in 75 years on Sunday 18th December Greece, Spain, Italy, 2011 at 10:15 after a long-term ilness. He died in his A typical week of a student from L’Aquila this life!!!!!!!!! Slovakia. Through sleep on curcilatory collapse. There was his wife Dagmar the project and one of the nun who took care of him last months. Hi, we are a group of 11-year-old kids from L’Aquila, a Comenius I´ve been Last months he shunned a public life. He had a rest in his nice town near Rome. Our typical day starts when we to Poland in cottage in Hrádeček near Trutnov. He appeared in public wake up at 7 am and immediately get ready for school to November and to for the last time one weak before his death when he met start a new adventure. We usually have breakfast with Turkey in February with the Dalai Lama. milk and cookies. We go to school by bus or, sometimes, with my colleagues. He was born on 5th October 1936 in Prague. He studied by car. Lessons start at 8 o’clock and at 10.50 we have a MY FAVOURITE: the Czech Technical University in Prague, he didn´t 10-minute break which is an opportunity to rest and re- Colour: blue - turquoise finish his studies here. Then he studied Theatre Arts on fresh ourselves with a sandwich and a fruit juice. School Books: The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End AMU. He was a writer, dramatist, statesman and a ends at 2 o’clock but on Mondays and Wednesdays we by Ken Follet, The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis, president of Czechoslovakia and also of the Czech have lunch at school with pasta, meat and fruit; then the Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling, Quo vadis by Henryk Republic from 1993. His first wife was Olga Šplíchalová, school day ends at 4.40 pm when the bell rings. Sienkiewicz, Pupil Kája Mařík who died in 1996. His second wife was Dagmar Our teachers don’t give us lots of homework so we can Sport: Swimming Veškrnová. do many freetime activities. After school we see our Animal: dog, we have got two dogs Ben and Charlie at Michaela Tomaštíková and Andrea Vichorcová compiled friends, we play sports (skating, basketball, rugby, foot- home this article from Internet. ball) or we watch TV. At 8 pm we usually have dinner Viktorie Pluháčková Lucie Hastíková