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Teams - The Missing Manual

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Teams - The Missing Manual

  1. 1. • Quick Overview • Scenarios & Demos • Clicking-Around Tour • Volume (too many teams, notifs) • Team of 1 • Document collaboration • Q&A
  2. 2. Chat for today’s teams Communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know Customizable for each team Tailor your workspace to include content and capabilities your team needs every day. A hub for teamwork Give your team quick access to information they need right in Office 365 Chat-based workspace in Office 365 Security teams trust Get the enterprise-level security and compliance features you expect from Office 365.
  3. 3. Office 365 Groups Outer LoopInner Loop Files Sites Content SharePoint Where to Start a Conversation
  4. 4. Structure Teams • Collection of people, content, and tools surrounding different projects Channels • Dedicated sections within a team to keep conversations organized • Places where everyone on the team can have open conversations • Can be extended with Tabs, Connectors and Bots
  5. 5. Demos
  6. 6. Resources to Learn More Your hub for all things Microsoft Teams including vision, practical onboarding guidance, success stories, help and support. Assistance for customers to realize their vision with Microsoft cloud services Resources Product Help https://aka.ms/TeamsSupport Office Roadmap https://aka.ms/OfficeRoadmap Office Blog https://aka.ms/OfficeBlog https://aka.ms/TeamsOfficeBlog Known Issues List https://aka.ms/TeamsKnownIssues https://aka.ms/SuccessWithTeams https://FastTrack.microsoft.com