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Continuing nursing education

continuing nursing education

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Continuing nursing education

  1. 1. Page 1
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  3. 3. Page 3 • directed towards the personal and professional growth of nurses and other personnel while they are employed by a health care agency. • essential for the upliftment of professional as well as administrative field. • helps in updating the knowledge and practice of professionals.
  4. 4. Page 4 GOAL To assist each employee to improve performance in his or her present position and to acquire personal and professional abilities that maximizes the possibility of career advancement.
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  8. 8. DEFINITIONS Continuing education programme - It is any extension of opportunities for reading, study and training to any person and adult following their completion of or withdrawal from full time school and / or college programmes. Continuing education in nursing - It is a planned activity directed towards meeting the learning needs of the nurse following basic nursing education, exclusive of full time formal post basic education.
  9. 9. DEFINITIONS 1.Continuing education is an educational activity, primarily designed to keep the registered nurses abreast of their particular field of interest and do not lead to any formal advanced standing in the profession. -Nursing Thesarus of the International Index 2. Continuing education is all the learning activities that occurs after an individual has completed his basic education. - Cooper
  10. 10. Forms of CNE Extra mural education In-service education
  11. 11. PRINCIPLES Effective CNE Design Principles by American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Each educational activity should be developed with: • A learning goal (purpose) and explicit measureable educational objective for the learner that are appropriate for the target audience; • Gaps in knowledge, skills, practice identified based on the needs assessment which the activity is designed to address CRISIS AND NURSING INTERVENTION
  12. 12. • Content congruent with the activity’s learning goal (purpose) and educational objectives • Teaching and learning strategies congruent with the activity’s objectives and content • Criteria for judging successful completion of an activity that are consistent with the learning goal (purpose), objectives, and teaching and learning strategies • A method determined for verifying participation in an activity.
  13. 13. PHILOSOPHY It has been believed that the system of higher education which provides the basic preparation or the members of a profession must also provide opportunities for practitioners to keep abreast of advances in their field.
  14. 14. OBJECTIVES • Keep up to date with new concepts and development in the health field. • To increase their basis knowledge and skills and develop positive attitudes. • Develop an ability to analyze problems and to work with others.
  15. 15. • Meet the challenge of changes in technology • Maintain standards of health care at acceptable level • Help in setting standards of performance
  16. 16. • Motivate staff for better patient care • Meet new needs of the community • To assist the nursing educator in increasing the teaching effectiveness. • To develop leadership potential in nurses
  17. 17. CHARACTERISTICS •It is given within and outside the organization •It is designed to meet the demands of the changing needs. •It covers:- Extension courses Post diploma Post graduation courses Field observation and experiences Work shops Seminars other different educational activities outside the organization
  18. 18. •Unified approach •Relationships with other systems •Comprehensiveness •Accessibility for women health workers •Integration with the management process •Analysis of needs as a basis for learning continuity •Internally co-ordinated •Relevance in planning •Credibility & economic •Appropriateness in implementation
  19. 19. NEED OF CNE To ensure safe & effective nursing care To meet the needs of population& should cater to the needs of service Development of nurses by updating their knowledge For career advancement
  20. 20. To acquire specialized skills It provides opportunity for professional growth Development of nurses will occur by updating their knowledge and preparing them for specialization for career advancement.
  21. 21. Nurses with research aptitude and preparation are needed. Nurse in administrative position need to increase their understanding of administrative process. The demand for specialized nursing services is increasing more rapidly. Planned programmes are needed to increase their competence as practitioners.
  22. 22. ELEMENTS Learner Teacher/Nurse Educator The faculty administrator Motivation of learner Involvement in the learning process Organized learning experiences The needs of society Universalization The leisure Liberal education
  23. 23. PLANNING FOR CNE 1 2 Planning formula Steps in planning
  25. 25. Steps in planning CNE: • 1. Establishing goals compatible with the purpose or mission of the organization. • 2. Deciding upon specific objectives consistent with these goals. • 3. Determining the course of action required to meet the specific objectives.
  26. 26. • 4. Assessing the available resources for establishing the programme. • 5. Establishing a workable budget, appropriate for the programme. • 6. Evaluating the results at stated intervals. • 7. Reassessing he goals and updating the plan periodically. •
  27. 27.  Applies adult learning principles when helping nurses learn new skills or information  Uses teaching techniques that empower nursing staff  Sensitive to the learning deficits of the nursing staff and creatively minimize these difficulties  Prepare the nurses readily regarding knowledge and skill deficits.  Actively seeks out teaching opportunities for nurses  Frequently assess learning needs of the nurses
  28. 28. Ensure competency1 4 Provides input in formulating policy Ensure recourse availability2 Assume responsibility for development3
  29. 29. ISSUES IN CNE Delivery system Management Control Costs

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continuing nursing education


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