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This is our Health and Safety form for our shooting schedule

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  1. 1. Health and Safety BlueSkyStudios Locations and plannedday of shoot Locations: Exterior of school, Park, Bridge and Local Streets Planned Days: Monday afternoon, Wednesday morning, Friday Afternoon and Evening, Saturday Morning (18th , 20th , 22nd - 23rd January 2016) What equipmentwill be taken?Who will be present?What props are required? Equipment: Tripod, Camera Presence: Catherine, Dan, John and Tara Props: Photograph, Bag What are the potential hazards associated with the location? Hazards: Uneven Ground Water Cars Is there water at the location(pond, swimming pool,waterfall)?How will this be plannedfor? Safety: Use strap on camera to reduce risk on breaking camera Be sensiblearoundthe waterandmake sure that no one is injured What are the risks associatedwith the general public?How will these be dealt with? Risks: There are minorissueswiththe publicdue tothe settingbeingbasedinthe park. We do however, walk down the street and will ensure that no personal details of the public are shown. E.g. Number plates How will the equipmentbe stored duringthe shoot? Equipment: Whenit isbeingusedduringthe shoot, It will be on the Tripod on level ground or on the strap around someone’s neck. How will the equipmentbe stored afterthe shoot/overnight? Equipment: Tara will be storing the camera in her house when it is not in use during the shoot. Signatures/initialsofgroup John - JB Catherine - CW Dan - DN Tara - TR