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Agile and data driven product development oleh Dhiku VP Product KMK Online

  1. Agile & Data Driven Product Development by Hadikusuma Wahab @dhiku Startupbisnis x Codepolitan Webinar
  2. Hadikusuma Wahab @dhiku VP Product at KMK Online Business Process & Intelligence Manager Java Engineer,,, Emtek Tbk, Danone, Coca-Cola Amatil TelkomSigma Education Background MBA & Computer Science
  3. Principles & Practices Join us!
  4. Requirement! Mandatory to form a dedicated team member with clear roles and responsibilities Product Manager Data Analyst
  5. Why? Digital Product Never Ends. Once launched, it should be analysed and driven by users and metrics
  6. The Formula Guide
  7. Understand your users
  8. Lean AgileUser Experience +
  9. Define your target users 1. Picture a portrait of your customer 2. Write some facts demographic, be specific 3. Brainstorm their behaviour, how are they solving problem now? 4. Validate! could enough people like this exist? if not re-do your work
  10. Unique Value Propositions • Imagine it’s time to launch your product. What is the first announcing tweet you will send out? • Writing that can help the team focus their strategy in 140 characters… or less.
  11. Envision the uses Determine if it’s a tier 1 problem or not!
  12. Define your business canvas 1
  13. 2 Define your business canvas
  14. 3 Define your business canvas
  15. Define your business canvas
  16. Prioritise features
  17. More features + More use cases = Good Product
  18. Prioritise your features list This is the MVP!
  19. MVP Minimum Viable Product
  20. Prioritisation becomes more critical after launch
  21. Business development is important Lets raise some money Hiring first product manager
  22. Prioritise through a roadmap Define the theme for next 3 months Breakdown roadmap into concrete release markers
  24. Rarely say yes to feature requests • Does it fit your vision? • Will it improve, complement or innovate on the existing workflow? • Does it grow the business? • Will it generate new meaningful engagement? Prioritisation tips Three buckets of features • Metrics movers • Customer requests • Innovation ideas
  25. Ship product
  26. Prototype first • Design sprints are a framework to solve and test design problems in 2-5 days • Adapted by Google UX teams, Google Ventures and Google X • The sprint gives teams a shortcut to learning without building and launching • Ensure the design is simple enough for your audience
  27. Design Sprint
  28. Diverge methods Decide methods 8 ideas in 5 min Share storyboard on the whiteboard, do voting on best ideas, decide what to prototype 1 big ideas in 5 min 1 storyboard in 5 min Prototype and validate methods Create a real-looking version of storyboard and show it to users tomorrow.
  29. Usability testing +
  30. Usability testing +
  31. Measure & optimise
  32. Measure what matters • Define metrics you want to track and start collecting data from your app • Put event tracking and evaluate features usage • Have experiments with A/B testing • Do funnel analysis on key features, check retention users • Set focused team and commit on KPI Dashboard • Do retrospective every month + +
  33. Define metrics
  34. Define metrics
  35. Event tracking to measure features Free & Easy Solution Built-in custom analysis Event tracking with custom dimensions Analytics Infrastructure as Services All data in one place Track almost everything Inhouse made Analytics All data in one place Track everything you want
  36. Map your features Key features: always make it quantifiably better for those who use it. Only small part of users use it: Increase the adoption rate to get more people to use it. Lots of users use it but not often: Increase the frequency to get people to use it more often. Kill it: admit defeat, and start to remove it from your product. qualitative survey and in-site analytics
  37. Experiment with A/B Testing • We do at least 1-2 experiments per week • Web platform with Google Analytics Experiment, Mobile apps with Apptimize • Some experiments • Compare related article algorithm • Compare call to action to subscribe newsletter • Compare front page layout 1 column vs 2 column • etc
  38. Funnel analysis
  39. Funnel analysis
  40. User retention dummy data i.e mix panel, google analytics
  41. KPI Dashboard Sample Dashboard by Geckoboard
  42. Information Radiator Image Credit: Luxr Lean UX Metrics
  43. Focused team KMK Labs Focused Team 1.Vidio player team 2.Recommendation team 3.Web team 4.Mobile apps team 1.Consumption team 2.Search team 3.Web team 4.Mobile apps team
  44. Your users Measure & optimise Prioritise features Remember, formula guide Ship product
  45. Tools to make life easier • Manage task list, workflowy, evernote • Wireframe and prototype, lucidchart, invision, moqups • Track development status, pivotal tracker, asana • User feedback, uservoice, survey monkey, intercom • Analytics, google analytics, mixpanel, appsflyer, optimizely
  46. Thank you!