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Hardware Inventory
Operating Systems Chassis Typo-s

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RES Viewpoint 2016

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Screenshots from RES Viewpoint reporting for RES ONE 2015

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RES Viewpoint 2016

  1. 1. (- V ressormare corn we nus sonware / . + I? (. Ra‘, i Learn more Terms of service Gain greater visibility across your desktop infrastructure to design improved workspaces RES Wewpoint is an oniine. Microserr winooiris Azure—hosted service avariatrie to REs ONE Workspace ousreniers that gives desktop aorrirnisrrazors more inronrierion about rrreir existing desidop infrastructure REs wewooinr captures a reaHIme sneosnor or an organization’: environment and userbase. and oenerares simple repons that orovioe iniponanr background inronnerron needed oerore sranino desktop and infrastructure proiecrs. IT can aiso use REs vieuvpoinr at arivtrme ro ieenriry unexpected cnanges in rneir environrnenr, or uncover addmonai opponunitres to manage u pg; ;¢r. ,., .,, + — RES / iewpoini is easy to oepiov across an entire desktop infrastructure or seiect userqroups it requires no backend coniiourarion because ii workspaces rnore enecriveiy. rne cioud Capture rnrrasrnrcrure inroirnauon as often as you wanci irvK: iLJdinq' Vmwpnml T ‘A3 - Haroware inveniory - Appiicalicrv Landscape . User Popuiairon RES Desktop Sampler ‘ L I L l _ P: ::: ;”Tc: :T: gV RES VIEWDOW‘ ieveiages ine Desktop sainpier coriiponeni or RES ONE Workspace rnar you rnigrir oe rarriiiiai yvirri aiveady Tnis page expiaint‘. new io invoke rrie Desktop sainpier io gamer rive daia rioni your deskiops vou can eirner «niece rne Deskiop snnipiei ii»ro an exisring iogon scripi or insiriii ir using any sorrware oisvripurion sysiein Both niernoos reriuirp a sire snare ro srpie rne sanipre riies >< fil ‘ressoftwarecom C‘ fl E i w " 1 Powered by A -; Windows Azure‘ Imserling me Desldop Sampler into your e ‘sling logon script Installing me ass Desldop Sampler with a software distribution system 1 Create a share <servername>Samp| eDa1a$ VJVIH rnooiry pennrssions ror eacn user ‘ creace a snare <servername>SampleDaIa$ with d 1 h version 2.0 copyrignr ic) i998 2016 RES sorrware. Air rignrs reserved. RES son are woosire i Terms or ooivrce 2, bdract disampiev axe irom the up arcnive zo your sanipie W W pe""‘5S‘°"S W E“ “H y f in C Data snare as a read—oniy riie 2 Use the re iovring command iine io mslaii the RES ueskrop sarnoier on air your desktops rrrareaeoexe n RES-Wevwpoinl—Desklop-Salnplenlnsi SAMPLEPATH <servername>SarlIpleDaIa$ EXPlREDAVS=3Cl lo 3 insen rneioiiowing Cnmmarld ine at me end or your iogoii scrip: eservernamesxsampieparasmxsarnpier exe rnis iH iauncn rne Desktop sarnoier auton1aticaH'. 'alea<: h user‘: ‘ I I rriis wii iiisraii me RES Desktop eaiiipiei aiio ooririguie ir io store rrie sairioies iii <servername>sampIeDa| as. Trie iiisraiiarioii vrii 4 nave coiiecied enouqn sarnpies (we onen recommend a run calendar I euroniaricaiiy be reriioveo arier 30 days ‘ _ - rnonihisoyou can take W10 accounnnose stanand end—oi—rnonth F , ‘_I _ ) V_r'‘u_. nnu-: -nTI. m. i scrip: ) _ iogon and win capture a snapshot or me conrrgureo session once ym. The Desktop sarnpie. iniorrnaxioii is en. -.ry pied and compressed at me inoinenr ii is eoiiecreo The oiupur riie is ericiypreo rexri so ir is nor inierprevahie data wnen viewing rrre data riie A typicai deskmp sarnpie «ire rorsriiei iuiii occupy anp'r»<imaVei', '1Dtn is Kbyves or data That means me: no nuge arriounrs or data need ro be upioaoeo to me REs Wewpoinl website
  2. 2. (- i ressortware corri c n we l‘l. E5 soltware / . + — cu >< RE VIEWFEMV Available RES Viewpoint Reports lne rellowino repons nave been generated oased on your uploaded Defiktop sampler liles. Your reports will be aulornatieally removed so days aner creation date, but you oan download and save tnern tor your records. ll you need any assislance please conlact us. Did you knoy. met your Desktop sanrplei liles can tie userl in lne workspace oesignerol RES ONE lvorksoaoer Eirio our ri-ore Arialyss Hardware Applicariori user Printer location Dlophox Summary inventory landscape Population Topology layout snrrirnary M R£SSaFIwrsle RES Software _, _ _t _t _, _ _, _ _, _ _f_ Q 01 January 2016 - ressoftwareicom C n Rec, E X + — Ell X W lerrns or service Learn More Leveraging RES Viewpoint IT rnust consider the impact that every lT proyeet nas on the workforce and the ousiness as a vvnole. Having a good overvrev. or you current desktop inrraslrueture oerore making upgrades or planning rriiorations can nelp IT oener assess proyecl scope and avoid unexpected disruption to users. After alli how can you rnake decisions aooul cnanoes to me nardvvare, operating system or even applicalionrsi for your users it you don't know lor oertain wnal is installed and used lodayr version 2.0 copyriont ic) rm 2016 REs sorrvvare. All nghls reserved. nEs So I f In re Website l Tornrs ol soivroe rrris irrroirrratiorr r-nil nelp you assess and preoior trie urrpaot or crrarioes. suoir as air orrree reiopariorr. naroviare repiaeerrierri or air upgldde ro windows lo, on your users ll looks at oorir iire rrrarraoed and urrrirurraoed parts or your errviroiirrrerrr. so you oarr see rire big pltylule oerore lllelkmg irriportarit deuslulls Vou can even uncover auoiriorrai ooooriurrrrios lo: apps arid servises to manage virirrr your exlsllllg REs ONE workspace irrveslrrrerrr version 2 o copyrignr (or 1995 2016 RES Software All rignrs reserved REs sorrii V f in 5: website i Terms 0' s lVlC0
  3. 3. Hardware Inventory Operating Systems Chassis Typo-s Wiuhvn I rn r-11 up 14 54 2 -‘J, Wndouv: 200) n (5.11) L”; Installed lntcrnal Memory 12 A5 8 94 1200 y 500 Disk Usage Top I0 Models ‘O0 in-v uvullln u no rust Lalfluov mm to 429:) W1&wxI3G5l5.‘7I) LaLI. u&. *[SO(X3|‘]lI2 9|) -Program F14-4f-I1 [1 I'll - lallluviv F5001] (I7 SN») 200 otl. er5nc. sr11 lm t. m.. deu.9lx)»2ls nr 0 I Play ‘I8 GI lb“) 1024 1230 1440 1800 1920 Hmmm‘ n at 14 I X 2043 4098 9192 less _wW_mm. m Pmuslwl uusm ll run; I llhel :1 III an — liywoléllgr man :2 rs ax) lnumde mm :1 luv. ) Latuaao mm :1 to ul s r Viewpoint