Nonprofit Facebook Primer

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4. Dec 2009

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Nonprofit Facebook Primer

  1. Nonprofit Facebook Primer Richie Escovedo
  2. People are interested in interacting with social network friends, not marketers... ...maybe
  3. but consider this... May/09 survey — 52% of social network users had become a fan or follower of a company or brand, while 46% had said something good about a brand or company on a social networking site — double the % who had said something negative (23%).
  4. Facebook has the market Facebook surpassed MySpace as the leading social network in the US and leads market share of US social networking site visits. Sept/09 data — 59% of all social network category visits were at Facebook, compared with just over 30% for second-place MySpace.
  5. well hello
  6. Fan Pages and Groups parts and sections - profile images Full size when viewing 'Wall' & 'Info' tabs Tip: Profile images 200px wide by 600px tall leverage more screen real estate
  7. Fan Pages and Groups parts and sections - side boxes Tagline, basic information, your fans/members and other content
  8. Fan Pages and Groups parts and sections - title & tabs Title, 'Become a Fan' or 'Join Group' link, and Tabs Note: Facebook fan pages and groups have 'Wall' and 'Info' tabs on left. Other tabs can be adjusted/modified.
  9. Fan Pages and Groups parts and sections - wall You decide how the wall shows updates - just you, just your fans, or you AND your fans Groups similar for members through customizations
  10. Fan Pages and Groups parts and sections - advertisements Targeted ads - how Facebook makes its $ Tip: You will likely see fake ads for your page to get you to create your own
  11. Fan Pages and Groups parts and sections - publishing content Where interactions happen Note: You determine what your fans can/cannot publish. A variety of content possible from text to complex stuff.
  12. Fan Pages and Groups parts and sections - additional navigation & applications smaller logo/image 50px by 50px icon beyond rigid 'Wall' and 'Info' comes customizations like photos, videos, calendars, discussion boards plus your own created content no applications for Groups
  13. Groups parts and sections While similar in look to Fan Pages, Groups have their pros and cons. Let's compare...
  14. Facebook Groups advantages/disadvantages allow for bulk event invites now look more like pages slightly easier to set up and manage total control over who becomes members only visible to Facebook users no extra applications added to them require regular visits to use the messaging feature
  15. Facebook Fan Pages advantages/disadvantages updates show in the fan news feeds visible to users not registered with Facebook content visible before they become a fan allows for custom Facebook usernames add custom applications and rich content visitor stats (Insights) to track visitors and interactions
  16. Facebook Experiences Amphibian Stage Productions
  17. Facebook Experiences Trinity Habitat for Humanity
  18. Communication & Personality Facebook can simplify communication efforts. Not really simplified, rather a complex juggling and balancing of many opportunities. But you can be efficient.
  19. Communication & Personality Efficiencies built into applications Causes RSS Feeds Polls Twitter YouTube channel Photos Slideshows free & paid etc. apps/directory.php
  20. Communication & Personality Think about language use and having a voice. Be real with people.
  21. Communication & Personality Watch other nonprofits and their campaigns and online efforts. Can you copy/remix efforts to meet your objectives?
  22. Communication & Personality Create an as-it-happens archive and interactive story.
  23. Communication & Personality "...businesses across the world haven't realized that personality could be their greatest asset." from *Personality not included by Rohit Bhargava
  24. Customer Service & Volunteer Development Why do people use social networks like Facebook to spout off? Because it's easy.
  25. Customer Service & Volunteer Development Wall posts provide you with a proactive way to track down customer service problems, correct mistakes, and learn from them
  26. Customer Service & Volunteer Development create events post updates for volunteers share photos and videos acknowledge volunteers
  27. Donor Cultivation Donors in the social web will come to your organization with the expectation of being full partners in your work, not just an ATM machine to be tapped when cash is needed Peter Dietz, founder of Social Actions May 2009, paraphrased
  28. You are not going to be able to please everyone, but everyone should see that you aim to please.
  29. Facebook Measurement Points Fan Page Insights | pay closer attention Fans Who Interact With Organization Interactions Interactions Per Post Post Quality Posts Discussion Posts Mentions
  30. Facebook Measurement Points Fan Page Insights | pay closer attention All Fans of Organization Total Fans/Unsubscribed Fans New/Removed Fans Top Countries Demographics Page Views Unsubscribes/Resubscribes Media Consumption
  31. Facebook Measurement Points social bottom line community growth relationships social results What's the value of relationships? Cultivation
  32. Facebook Measurement Points sharing, likes, Badges are a great way to get those loyal fans to drive traffic (and more fans) to your page.
  33. Sources joe-green-from-causes-and-one-thing-i-didnt.html content/ the-people-to-change-the-world-around-us
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  36. Nonprofit Facebook Primer Richie Escovedo