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Brochure place where we live


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Brochure place where we live

  1. 1. Nitra region Place where we live brochure Made by Základná škola Viliama Záborského Vráble Slovakia For project Erasmus+ „Socialize, observe, learn“
  2. 2. Požitavie • Our city Vráble is located in the region Nitra in the place called Požitavie by the river Žitava. • In view of the bigger area we are on the North of lowland called Podunaská . • From the Northern side our region is surrounded with hills : Považský Inovec , Tríbeč and Štiavnické pohorie .
  3. 3. Vráble • Vráble is located in the beautiful vineyard area . • To taste vines from various places is possible in National archive of vines in our town.
  4. 4. 2 manor-houses in Vráble • In Vráble you can find 2 manor houses, which were owned by two families. One of them is now used as the priest´s house, the other is the seat of secondary school.
  5. 5. Blessed Virgin Mary church in Vráble • The church was built in 19th century in romanic style. The building has a footprint of the Cross. • In front of the church you can see the Sculpture of Calvary.
  6. 6. Mill called Mašekov mlyn It is certainly worth to visit Požitavské museum of mills – Mašekov mlyn , about 2 kilometres to the North from Vráble in the local part called Horný Ohaj .
  7. 7. Fidvár • From historical attraction we can mention Fidvár – fortress protected this region against the enemy in the past located next to our town. There are a lot of valuable excavations .
  8. 8. Arboretum • Arboretum Tesárske Mlyňany is located about 5 kilometres from our town. It is beautiful botanical garden , which offers look at the trees and plants from different countries of the world.
  9. 9. Topoľčianky • From historic monuments , which we can visit near Vráble , the town Topolčianky is worth . • You can visit here renaissance manor-house surrounded with spectacular garden.
  10. 10. • You can visit also National Stud in Topoľčianky, where the horses of different breeds are breeded and horse races are organized here. • In Topoľčianky there is also unique European Bison Reserve.
  11. 11. The Castle near Vráble • Near our town you can also find the castle ruins called Gýmeš situated in the middle of forest belonging to the mountain Tribeč .
  12. 12. Thermal springs and spa • From Vráble you can easy get to the well-known spa towns famous for mineral and medicinal waters . • For example : Podhajská , Santovka , Dudince and Štúrovo . Podhájska
  13. 13. Nitra • Nitra is the city about twenty kilometers from Vráble situated at the foot of Zobor Mountain in the valley of the river Nitra. • You can find here historic monuments and also modern schools and Universities , shop centres, cinemas and theatres.
  14. 14. The castle in Nitra • Nitra is one of the greatest and oldest cities in Slovakia. • The castle Nitra is significant from historical period called Great Moravia . • There was the Principality of Nitra. The princes Svätopluk , Rastislav and Pribina ruled here .
  15. 15. St. Emmeram´s cathedral St. Emmeram's Cathedral is the part of the castle. It was originally built in the Gothic style.
  16. 16. Levice • Levice is the town situated in the South- East of Vráble. • Levice lies on the left bank of the lower Hron river. • It isn´t a very big town but it was important in history of our region. Town Hall in Levice
  17. 17. The castle in Levice • Levice castle was built in gothic style in the 13th century. • It was a very essential point for protection of all mining towns in central Slovakia against the enemy.
  18. 18. Hronský Beňadik • The fortified Benedictine monastery, one of the oldest and most important architectural monuments of Slovakia, stands on the rocks above the village Hronský Beňadik which is 30 kilometres to the west of our town Vráble. • The oldest part of the monastic complex is the Gothic basilica of St Egidius rebuilt in 14th century.
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  20. 20. The sculpture of calvary in front of the church in Vráble The brochure was made by pupils of Erasmus+ club from Primary school of Viliam Záborský Vráble Slovakia