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Cloud Computing - The universal remedy (not)

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My slides of the Computerworld Webcast: "Dynamic Net-Centric Sourcing | Your Secure Path Into The Cloud"

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Cloud Computing - The universal remedy (not)

  1. Cloud ComputingThe universal remedy (not) René Büst CloudUser | Ξxpert Tuesday, 19. July 2011Dynamic Net-Centric Sourcing | Your Secure Path Into The Cloud
  2. „The Religious War“ Dedicated (Virtual) Private CloudPrivate Cloud Public CloudHybrid Cloud [1] Virtual Private Cloud René Büst 19. July 2011 CloudUser | Ξxpert
  3. Everything Depends On The Use Case There is no good or bad cloud! Public Cloud • Developers with a great idea Private Cloud • Web Apps • ??? ;) • Rendering • Data Privacy/ Security [2]Hybrid Cloud Virtual/ Dedicated Private Cloud • Getting more resources on demand • Productivity systems • SLAs, Service, Management René Büst 19. July 2011 CloudUser | Ξxpert
  4. The Cloud Is About Self-ResponsibilityIndependent from the use case! “Everything fails, all the time” Werner Vogels, CTO Amazon.comThink about your requirementsand challenges! Discuss what is your job if you use the cloud!An IaaS (public) cloud provider „just“ delivers the resources forbuilding your own virtual, flexible, high scalable and highavailable datacenter on an on demand and pay per use base. René Büst 19. July 2011 CloudUser | Ξxpert
  5. The Cloud Way ✔ Brain on! :) ✔ Define your requirements ✔ Develop a cloud strategy for your needs ✔ Analyze, analyze, analyze! ✔ Know all possible and useful vendors/ services [3] ✔ Get help from expertsRené Büst 19. July 2011 CloudUser | Ξxpert
  6. Design For Failure!✔ Read the providers documents✔ Understand the cloud infrastructure✔ Use help patterns of the provider✔ Building knowledge✔ Search for help Prevent single points of failure. Expect everything fails and consider this during the design. [4] Even if the underlying infrastructure fails, is removed or replaced, your applications should continue to function! René Büst 19. July 2011 CloudUser | Ξxpert
  7. Multivendor Cloud Strategy✔ Develop fallback scenarios to prevent an outage✔ Use all Regions and Availability Zones of a cloud provider✔ Use the infrastructure of more than one cloud provider✔ Build software which supports a multivendor strategy✔ Use a mirrored infrastructure that runs parallel or starts during a failure at the [5] primary provider✔ Better: use the infrastructure of more than one vendor in parallel✔ Distribute your services/ instances over several providers René Büst 19. July 2011 CloudUser | Ξxpert
  8. Summary 1. Develop your business/ use case 2. Create your 7. Use a multivendor cloud strategy cloud strategy3. Find „your“ cloud 6. Design for failure [6] 4. Build your own cloud way 5. Be self-responsible René Büst 19. July 2011 CloudUser | Ξxpert
  9. Partly Cloudy? or [7] [8]René Büst 19. July 2011 CloudUser | Ξxpert
  10. ContactCloudUser | ΞxpertRené BüstPhone: +49 1570 350 83 57E-Mail: rene.buest@skilledworld.netTwitter: @ReneBuestSkype: rene.buestWeb: http://clouduser.orgRené Büst 19. July 2011 CloudUser | Ξxpert
  11. Image Sources[1]: http://withfriendship.com/images/h/36268/Religious-war-picture.jpg[2]: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-uYxgwY3rpfM/TZZDQbuPGBI/AAAAAAAAD4c/ 3CwT6wSHMaA/s1600/good-news-bad-news-msps-256x300.jpg[3]: http://intelligenttravel-media.nationalgeographic.com/files/2008/01/braingymexercises.jpg[4]: http://i620.photobucket.com/albums/tt289/laikepo/failure23.jpg[5]: http://strategy2c.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/strategyfish_fritsal.jpg?w=500&h=316[6]: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-BmFSV8iBKSw/TfupjKoxdkI/AAAAAAAABEI/8Q_aVdVhP_E/ s1600/baby-beach-cute-funny-success-Favim_com-75963_large.jpg[7]: http://storagenerve.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/cloud-question- mark-cloud-computing.jpg[8]: http://www.funnyimages.biz/content/icons/success--icon-1.jpg René Büst 19. July 2011 CloudUser | Ξxpert